I've been working on my photography skills since I was in high school!  I had this miraculous sort of experience watching the seeming blank photo paper in chemical bath suddenly have this image appear and I was hooked!  Though I don't use a darkroom these days, I appreciate photography for the journey that it can show.  Those framed seconds will help me  to remember when my memory fails as I age; moments that I have hanging on my walls can make me feel hopeful when I feel down. 

We do not remember days, we remember moments. The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten.

Cesare Pavese

I believe for our photographed moments to be rich and meaningful (which they should be), they shouldn't be posed and forced.  I place my clients in spots and give them actions to do or ways to interact with each other so that moments that are recorded show real tenderness and emotion - a real part of your journey.

I don’t want my work to be full of trendy imagery that we will all laugh at in a decade or two. My job isn’t to make your children look like models, but for you to remember your children forever the way they really are. I work to capture lovely moments of laughter and adventure that will be treasured by generations to follow. I don’t make elaborate sets for my photos; rather, my work is about memories and moments, not a bunch of stuff. I believe that there is true beauty and adventure to be found everywhere. So, what makes your family unique? Think of something that is meaningful for you. Book me to come along on a fishing trip. Call me to join you on a picnic. Let me record the joy (or stress) of baking cookies together.

For peace of mind that your real moments will be captured perfectly for you to treasure for  lifetime, get connected to the email community below or contact Annie.        

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