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Location, Location, Location!

So, below, I have some location spots as well as web sites where applicable and a few links to blog posts that share sessions in those locations. I'm sure this feels like a lot. I don't mean to overwhelm you! Let me know from the list though what you're interested in - architectural stuff, greenery backgrounds, wooded backgrounds, etc. and that is at least a starting point.

Tyrone Area: Train Park

I like the Tyrone Train park - its near the Tyrone train museum and at the Amtrak station. It has bits of fencing for an edgier look, an underpass, a creek, green space, and railroad tracks. (See this senior's session there.) Bridge (see attached photo) and nearby underpasses and creek (see attached photo)

This Senior's photos were done at the Train Park, even his formal portrait! We set up an outdoor studio to make the most of our time. Click on the image to enter the blog story.

This family's portraits were at the Tyrone Train Park in July.

Tyrone Bridge: Underpass, Pathways:

Beyond that lovely white bridge is an underpass with a railroad line above. These images were taken there.

An abandoned pathway not far from the bridge is a quiet third spot! These images were taken there!


Canoe Creek:

This beautiful state park offers so much in variety of looks. However, it does take quite a lot of energy and time to move around the location. This is something to consider. It is also ideal for Graduation portraits. 

Canoe Creek State Park which has lake, the kilns, great trails, grassy spaces,  wooded spaces, and even a sandy beach. It does, however, require a permit. This is an additional $25.00 on top of your session fees.

This family's session was beach-focused at Canoe Creek in August.

This senior's portraits were taken at Canoe Creek State Park.

These brothers had their portraits done at Canoe Creek State Park

Downtown Hollidaysburg

These historic buildings offer lots of variety for lighting and texture and interest. This is a great choice for someone who wants their images to have a city-feel or to do more of a life-style session!


Chimney Rocks Park

This park is beautiful in the evening based on the sun's location. It is also beautiful in the fall, when the sun's rays are long and create golden light. The rocks are part of the beauty, yes, but there are sweet little stone paths, gorgeous trees, and a stunning view of the city. 


This family's photos were done at Chimney Rocks Park.  Click on the image to enter the blog story.

This family's fall session was at Chimney Rocks Park!

Newry: Lion's Park

This is one of my favorite spots because it offers so much variety and fun in a pretty small amount of space. There is a creek with a nice rock bed for standing near the water, a small bridge, beautiful tall trees, and sunlight that comes over the hill in a gorgeous way.

It has a playground for kids, which can be a nice treat after photos are done too - and then there are always the goodies at Leighty's market for a treat too! This park is located behind Leighty's Market in Newry.

This family's portraits were done at the Lion's Park in November.

This all-time favorite image of mine also happened at the Lion's Park! The playground equipment is so fantastic because it isn't distracting plastic. Its sort of home-made and of metal - and lots of fun!

Bellwood: Farm 1

I live in Bellwood and constantly see amazing places that I'd like to photograph. So, this list is short compared to the ideas in my mind! 

I'm acquainted with a few farmers in the area and love to use their properties for photos. These work really well in the fall with the golden sunlight being warmed through fields or barns. It also feels like such an adventure!

This Family was at Bellwood Farm 1 for their October Portraits.

This family's portraits was also at Bellwood Farm 1!

Bellwood: Farm 2

This family's portraits were taken at Bellwood Farm 2!

This family's portraits were also taken at Bellwood Farm 2!

State College:

PSU Arboretum

There are SO many parks I haven't explored yet in State College. However, most sites require permits or advance planning for permission. I'm going to share a few of my favorites here!

Family Portraits at the Arboretum

Below, each of these blog features different locations and seasons at the Arboretum at Penn State. It is always changing!

Arboretum at Penn State: Engagement Portraits

My Family Adventure at the PSU Arboretum with details of different areas to explore

State College:
Circleville Park

This park is pretty easy to get to from the Altoona area. It is near the Grays Woods development. It features wonderful paths, a corn field across the street, trees that have many colors in the fall, and beautiful sunlight in the evenings.

This couple's engagement session was at a few spots in Circleville Park. We also took these portraits in the spring, which gives you a good sense of how the park looks in different seasons compared to the images below. 

This couple's engagement session was at a few spots in Circleville Park. We also took these portraits in the spring, which gives you a good sense of how the park looks in different seasons compared to the images below. 

This family's fall portraits were at Circleville Park!

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center:

This is one of the most interesting places around! I've primarily photographed this space in the fall, but I know it holds amazing beauty in other seasons too. You could be the first to book a different season!

Here is a link to the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center website!

Click on either story below to check out more images from those sessions!

This family's fall session was at the Millbrook Marsh in September!

This couple's engagement session was at the Marsh!


Mansion Park Area

The Mansion Park area, Baker Mansion, and the Women's Club and nearby creek offer lots of variety. Click on the image to check out a blog feature story on a young woman's graduation portraits done in that area!

Valley View Park:

This park is VERY green in the summer. I think it would make a beautiful location for fall portraits in the Altoona area. It has some paths and lots of trees and grassy spaces. I personally think it is too green for summer portraits there, but it has lots of potential for fall. I haven't done a session here yet, but did some scouting. The images below show that!

Cresson, Lilly, Portage:

Allegheny Portage Railroad:

Although this senior's session began in his backyard, we did all of the casual-dress photos at the Allegheny Portage Railroad. This is a lovely park and historical space. It is famous for the Lemon House among other things. We used the Skew Arch Bridge. This was used in canal days to accommodate both rail and wagon methods of transportation.

We also used a green space and the split-rail fencing at the Portage Railroad. This beutiful weather was classic early October for Pennsylvania. 

Click below to see more images from the Allegheny Portage Railroad.

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