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When I look back on my wedding day, I like to remember who was there, but I also like to remember and have photographs that show the details. It helps take me right back to the four colorful flavors of punch that we had on display in large glass jars and how we had a leaf under each glass dinner plate to bring nature into the day. Those photographs of details provide me with sensory experiences and help me share the day with my children as Brady and I show them our wedding album.

I am sure you want to be able to remember and hold on to those details for your own wedding day as well. Wouldn't you love to be able to show a photograph of your "Something Borrowed" since you won't have that item to hold in your hands after the wedding day? The best way to do that is by starting early to assemble some of those details and having them ready for me to photograph as you're getting ready for the ceremony. Your photographer should be ready to photograph your shoes and jewelry and your wedding invitation and more in a way that is gorgeous and timeless without taking time away from your preparations.

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These types of images are  popular and are called "Flat Lays." Typically your photographer will snap these quickly and each image will revolve around two main items with other items for embellishment.

So, grab a box or bag now and start to assemble some of these things so they're all in one easy location for you to grab on your wedding day! Some items will be last minute additions, so get those Post-It Notes ready to remind you!

For the Bride:

Wedding Invitation Set including envelope and RSVP card

Save the Date Card if applicable

Wedding Program

Veil if applicable

All 3 RingsRing boxes if applicable

Bride's shoes

Any other bridal jewelry

Perfume you're wearing for the wedding (if applicable)

Lipstick you're wearing for the wedding (if applicable)

Something Old/ Something New/ Something Borrowed/ Something Blue/ A Sixpence for Your Shoe Items

Loose florals and greenery items from your florist that match your flower arrangements

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For the Groom:





Watch B

outonnières for groomsmen

Whatever is unique to your celebration:

Are you going to do bubbles, flower petals, bird seed, etc for a farewell? Include a bit of whatever that is!

Did you use any ribbon or anything special for your decorations? Can you include a bit of that in the box? 

If you enjoyed this post, you might like another advice story I wrote called, "Something Old: How to Make Your Treasured Items Look Their Best" If you are interested in my wedding photography, check out the gallery and information HERE.

If you're planning a wedding, congratulations and best wishes!


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