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Custom Photography Services

For all sessions:

You receive the images edited and ready-to-order from the Photographic Memories Website.  A general print price list is available upon request.  You can view the Print Catalog here.  Digital images can also be purchased and downloaded to your home computer either per photo or per gallery.Session fees are required to be paid in full at least one week before the session.  A 24 hour cancellation notice is required.  Follow each link above for sitting fees and what is included.

Special Needs

In October of 2014, I helped at my son's elementary school on school photo day.  I watched, sadly, as a child with special needs sat on the stool for his photo.  His aid, teacher, photographer, and other adults in the room kept shouting his name for him to look up and I watched a boy who was uncomfortable to begin with in the unfamiliar environment crouch down smaller and smaller (of course!) instead of looking at the shouting voices.  It wasn't my place that day to right this problem, but it was so easy to fix!  Oh what some quiet and a whisper might have accomplished!

Experiences as an art teacher gave me opportunities to work with students of all ability levels, feel comfortable, be patient and sometimes unobtrusive to let students with special needs shine. I am especially willing to accommodate families that include individuals with special needs. Photo session time, location, and activities will reflect the needs of your family. Most often, these sessions would take on "A Day In The Life" sort of feel rather than traditional posed photos. Please contact me for further specifics in this area.


I am willing to travel to provide photographic services. I am based out of Tipton, PA and will travel up to 30 miles for portrait sessions. Weddings and other special events can be in any destination but travel costs will apply.

Special Deals

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