Engagement Session Giveaway

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This year, I'm going to be GIVING AWAY a couple of stunning Engagement Sessions! I would love for you to enter the contest. You have until April 1, 2018 to enter.  I'm not sure how many winners I will choose, but will let all winners know individually by April 9, 2018!


Only one entry per couple

Winners will be chosen by Photographic Memories

No purchase necessary in order to win

Engagement Session must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the winner announcement (near Altoona or State College)

Click here to enter now!   

Best of luck!

Next Steps: Interested in more Wedding info?

Maybe you just found me through the contest but want to know more about my wedding packages? Check out the wedding info HERE and engagement session info HERE. You can contact me through the form on the wedding page if you wish to inquire. I can't wait to hear from you. :)

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