Zen Art Day 5

5:30-6:00 PM

Zoom Meeting


Password: art

Meeting ID: 919 4117 4705

We use this link daily.

If you missed this meeting, you can catch a recap here!

6:00-7:00 PM

Sumi-E (Black Ink Painting)

Project Link found on YouTube


Calming Down: Breathing Techniques

Video time is shown.

I'm giving 10 minutes for this so you can watch the video and practice on your own. 

Day 5: Belly Breathing (3:00 Minutes)

7:10-7:15 PM

5 Minute Break!

Go grab a snack or drink or use the restroom. Come back for more Zen Art!

7:15-7:30 PM

Find It Jar! Day 3!

Today we print our image and glue it to the jar lid to finish our Search and Find jar!

YouTube Link here

7:30-7:40 PM

Yoga Time!

Chair Yoga with Brynne Caleda with Yoga Ed.

If you've been loving our daily yoga but know that once school begins and you're at home doing homework and have activities to run to that time may not allow for you to do a complete floor workout. This less-than-10-Minute workout is one you can do at your desk or kitchen table!

Use this link and your new yoga mat for an introduction to Yoga!

Run time 8:59 minutes


Dream, Doodle, Draw

No video is needed for this activity! You have 25 minutes to yourself and all of your leftover art supplies; the painted papers, and a few extra pieces of blank paper. What will you make? You can paint a dream. You can use the Sharpie to doodle. You can simply draw with a pencil. You can even finger-paint or make a new mini collage! The choice is yours!

8:05-8:30 PM

Visualization Strategy

This meditation by davidji is based on research done by Massachusetts General Hospital studying how mindfulness meditation training changes brain structure in eight weeks.

This is a Body Scan for Deep Healing and is found on Insight Timer. 

Run time: 22:57

davidji's voice is unique. He has also been the reader for a few children's story books. If you'd like to hear him read The Velveteen Rabbit, click here!

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