Zen Art Day 4

5:30-6:00 PM

Zoom Meeting


Password: art

Meeting ID: 919 4117 4705

We use this link daily.

If you missed our zoom, you can catch the content here.

6:00-7:00 PM

Sumi-E Painting (Black Ink Painting)

Project Link found on YouTube


Calming Down: Breathing Techniques

Video time is shown.

I'm giving 10 minutes for this so you can watch the video and practice on your own.

Day 4: 4-7-8 Breathing (4:57 Minutes)


5 Minute Break!

Go grab a snack or drink or use the restroom. Come back for more Zen Art!

7:15-7:30 PM

Find It Jar! Day 2!

Using a plain clear plastic jar that holds about 18 oz, 16 oz of plain white rice, and about 20 small objects, we'll make a Find-It Jar. These are great for having something tangible to hold and look at and get a little bit lost in if we're feeling overwhelmed. They're also great for long car rides for something to do. Think of them like 3D Search and Finds!

Use this YouTube video for my day 2 example!

7:30-7:45 PM

Yoga Time!

Use this link and your new yoga mat for an introduction to Yoga! (Yoga with Yoga Ed -a quick yoga class for teens to manage and decrease stress, created for ages 13-18 by Brynne Caleda) 

Run time 11 minutes

7:45-8:20 PM

Psychogeographical Maps

Link to Explanation and Project example on YouTube (Run time 9:57)

Text explanation:

Where did you go today? Did you walk through your house? Did you walk outside? Did you ride your bicycle somewhere or drive to baseball practice? Did you practice your ballet at the barre in the studio? Did you FaceTime with all of your cousins for an hour? Did you help with dinner?

Draw a map of the places you have gone today (both in and out of your home) and how you moved through those spaces. You can include thoughts you had in certain places as well. If you paused on your way down the stairs as you looked an an old family photo and wondered a question about the people in the photos, for example, you could include that question on your paper map as you mark that you went down the stairs.

These are very interesting! They aren't just images of places, but more of places where your mind has been as it moves along with your body!

I hope you enjoy!

8:20-8:30 PM

Visualization Strategy: Body Scan

Use this YouTube Link to Mariellen Brown's Body Scan (Run time 6:01)

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