Zen Art Day 1

5:30-6:00 PM

Zoom Meeting


password: art

Meeting ID: 919 4117 4705

We use this link daily.

If you missed the class zoom, click here for a summary.

Untitled photo

6:00-7:30 PM

Landscape Collage Day 1

Project Link found on YouTube


Calming Down: Breathing Techniques

Video time is shown.

I'm giving 10 minutes for this so you can watch the video and practice on your own.

Day 1: Rainbow Breath (4:02 Minutes)


5 Minute Break!

Go grab a snack or drink or use the restroom. Come back for more Zen Art!

7:45-8:05 PM


Watch this video and use the pencil, larger paper, and Ultra Fine Sharpie in your Zentangle kit to make a handprint piece with lots of designs!

8:05-8:30 PM

Yoga Time!

Use this link and your new yoga mat for an introduction to Yoga! (Yoga with Adriene!)

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