Cursive Art Camp Links and Resources


The Write Stuff

What do parents need to provide?


wet glue

cookie sheet on Day 4

Newspaper or plastic tablecloth to cover surfaces

Water for painting

Access to Zoom

Access to YouTube or YouTube Kids

* In Zoom, click the three dots on the upper right of the screen of my video stream. There is an option to pin the speaker. Pin me so you always see my cursive example!

Daily Schedule:

1:30-2:00 PM

Introductions & Cursive Practice 1

Found on Zoom Link
password: art

Meeting ID: 940 0968 2323
We use this same link at the same time each day!


Watercolor Project

Videos on YouTube

Day 1: Cursive Watercolor

Day 2: Cursive Watercolor

Day 3:Cursive Watercolor

Day 4: Cursive Watercolor

Day 5: Cursive Watercolor

*If you have questions, you can ask them in the first minutes of our next Zoom call!


Cursive Texture Practice

If you finish up early and want a fun way

to practice your writing skills, use these videos!

You can also work on these when class is over!

Day 1: Zip-top paint bag

Day 2:    Sidewalk Chalk

Day 3:         Trace letters

Day 4:        Salt on a tray

Day 5:   Make  your own

or choose your favorite!

2:55-3:00 PM

Clean up and ready for the the next zoom practice

session. This is also a great time for a restroom break.

3:00-3:30 PM

Cursive Practice 2

Found on Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 972 2769 3449

Password: art

We use this same link at the same time each day!


Daily Cartooning

Video on You Tube

Day 1: The Singing Character

Day 2: Everybody, Jump!

Day 3: Before and After

Day 4: Design-Your-Own Dinosaur Comics

Day 5: The Best Cartoon Ever

The last day is a design-your-own

comic. It has 4 panels. Sketch paper is

in your folder booklet and final paper is

in the front pocket of your folder.

Use cursive writing to tell your story.

3 Characters maximum.
Draw in pencil first.

Sharpie it.

Erase pencil.

Use colored pencils if you wish.

Good luck!

4:00-4:30 PM

Optional Question Zoom

Found on Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 992 1411 8894
Password: art

This is a session for you to ask questions

about your projects. If you want to just

move on to the next lesson, that's ok!

We use this same link at the same time each day!

4:00-4:30 PM

Cursive Chalk Project

Video on You Tube

Day 1: Chalk Desserts Sketch

Day 2: Chalk Desserts Base Chalk

Day 3: Chalk Desserts Details

Day 4: Chalk Desserts Word

Day 5: Chalk Desserts Assembly

4:30 PM and beyond. This is a good way to use cursive after our class is over! Or, if your kiddo has extra time at the end of the camp each day and wants to keep going!

Fun Ways To Use Cursive

Videos on You Tube

Day 1: Address the envelope in your kit to a friend or family member. Use this video to guide you in printing the address.

Day 2: Beginning writing a letter

Day 3: Cursive Self-Portrait Day 1/ 3

Day 4: Finish your letter. Use Day 2 Letter link as needed for help! Then, add a stamp and mail your letter!

Day 5: Cursive Self-Portrait Day 2/3

Day 6: Cursive Self-Portrait Day 3/3

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