Phone Cases

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Words from the company:

Phones aren’t just phones anymore. They’re part of us. They’re important, they’re delicate, and they’re personal. We have them on us at all times so it seems outright wrong to protect them with some garish, or worse, a generic case that says nothing about the person carrying it. A meticulously designed phone deserves an elegant case that is unique without looking like a circus attraction. Look no further than SmugMug’s newest addition to our print product line. We’re now offering phone cases that can be customized with your favorite images giving you an unbeatable look that will make your friends jealous and keep your phone a little safer all at once. Our new customizable phone cases are available for a wide variety of phone models and cases come in two styles: Slim and Tough.

Slim Cases:

The slim case is sleek and thin, keeping your phone from unwanted dings or scratches without adding extra bulk.

Tough Cases:

The Tough case is more rugged using a thin, scratch resistant plastic shell with an inner silicon insert for added protection for those who need a sturdier case.

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