Digital Downloads

Digital files are great for having a back-up of files from your session for preservation. They're also a good choice if you're tech savvy and enjoy printing your own images and making albums, etc with images from your sessions. You always get a few complimentary digital files with each session at Photographic Memories but if you would like to purchase more, the details are below on what is offered!

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High Resolution Image

A 4Mpix image is 4 megapixels. This is a size that allows for quality printing at most reasonable sizes. If you want to allow printing at really large poster sizes, you would probably want a larger image. You could make prints up to 16x20.

Original Image

An Original image is the exact image that the photographer has created. It is the original size of the image, identical in every way. You could print any size image, even large wall prints.

More Digital File Info: If you'd like further information on what you can do with digital files of certain quality levels, I recommend this page by B&H Photo Video.

Low Resolution Images

I don't list low resolution images because for most clients, the option can be confusing; however, if you have a need for lower resolution images from your session, talk to the photographer.

Web Size Image:

A Web Size image is roughly 640x480 pixels, or 0.3 megapixels. It's useful for sharing on social media sites.

Low Resolution Image:

A 1Mpix image is roughly 1 megapixel in size. That means a square 1-megapixel image would be about 1000 p wide and 1000 p high. You could print up to 5x7".

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