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Gallery Wrapped Canvas

These are ordered through a separate company. Contact Annie for more on single canvas orders, canvas arrangement orders, special deals, and pricing. I've chosen a company with amazing quality and pricing! 

What makes it unique:

This printing company is choosy. They take extra steps in the construction to ensure that the canvases never deform or sag. They actually have supportive solid faces as part of the frame construction! They come ready-to-hang with hardware on the back. The canvas corners are durable and at 1 1/4" thickness, they really have a chance to stand out on your walls. They also only use genuine artist canvas, quality inks, and UV coatings to protect against fading and scratching. They even do regular UV testing to ensure that the color you receive will stand the test of time. 

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These features are not part of the experience when you purchase canvases at ware-house stores or at most commercial online printing companies.

Did you know?

Canvases can be tricky to order. Without realizing it, you might order a canvas and have everyone's feet wrapped around the bottom of the canvas so that the front looks like everyone is cut off at the ankles. When you're creating a stand-out photo display with canvases, I want them to look their best so that you can smile every time you see them!

I want to make sure that that your canvases are wrapped and composed in the best possible way for you to be really happy with the end product. That's why I'm part of this process: to be sure you end up with a product that you love!

Shipping is not included. An estimate is given before ordering.

Canvas Details

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