You won't find any of these albums available to order through the PM Site. Instead, contact the photographer to make a plan to order these items.

Photo-Cover Mini Albums:

These 3"x3" albums come in a set of 3 and are perfect for gifts and for sharing! They are Accordion-style and feature 8 images including those on the covers as well as a magnetic closure. They are well-made in the USA.  See the examples of interior and exterior below.  These are available only through a direct order with the photographer.

Cost: $50

Photo-Cover Mini Albums: Set of 3

Leather-Covered Mini Albums:

These mini albums also come in a set of 3, perfect for gifts! These are sized a little bit smaller than the ones above, coming in at 2.5"x2.5". They are leather covered and have an accordion style of construction.  Including both the interior and exterior, it includes 10 photographs from your session.

Cost: $40

Leather-Covered Mini Albums: Set of 3

Fine Art Albums

Fine Art Albums

These albums are photographer-designed and then sent to a wonderful hand-crafted book-maker for production. They are perfect to remember an engagement photo session, a lifestyle session, or a wedding day! You can choose cover finishes in a variety of colors and from three materials: linen, leather, and suede. You can also select the photos that are included as you work with Annie. Albums come with a sturdy box for protection and storage and can be upgraded to hand-crafted wood or linen-lined boxes.  Email for more info or to get together to see an album in person!

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A Well-Made Album

A well-made photography album should have a tight spine.  It should have flexibility when you flip through pages, but shouldn't make the cover pages wiggle and shift.Should little hands find their way into your life, albums with sturdy pages can take the possible...let's say..."interest" of said tiny hands. :) A well-made photography album should have very straight pages, so that when you turn the album vertically, they should still be vertical lines and not wavy.  Storing the album in its box and flat will help the pages remain this way.I recommend sturdy, thicker and lay-flat pages.  These types of album pages will stand the test of time when actually being used. This is one reason that I use only certain companies when making my photo books and albums.  See the image below for pages that fit the bill.

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