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I believe that our relationships continue to create us. I believe that love calls us into existence. I believe in late night heart-to-heart talks with best friends. I believe in adventures together. I believe in drinking tea out of grandmothers' mugs. I believe in watching home movies over and over and over again (and laughing every time). I believe in loving others through their joys and through their pain. I believe in selfless acts. I believe in cooking dinner together and in mise en place. I believe in art and the power of healing that it can bring to makers and viewers. I believe that in the dark and in the dirty moments of life, we can still find hope. I believe that no person is an island and I believe in "planting seeds in a garden we may never get to see."

I believe in a love that is more powerful than anything we can comprehend. I believe that when we're surrounded by difficulty, love is the thing that picks us back up when life just keeps crumbling around us. I believe we can see through our differences and in love, find what deeply connects us all.

Because I believe in that "pick you up when life crumbles around you" love and in eternity,  I believe in marriage and that marriage has the ability to change us for the better and help us spread more love throughout the world. 

I believe that everyone has a story to tell and I treasure the opportunity to listen and help people share their stories.

What is it that you believe?

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