Snowflake Majesty


Yesterday the skies called. They wanted to commission a photo session. We scheduled right away. They paid me in beauty and mystery.   ; )

I've been wanting to do this for a while now. I found that many variables are up for change. The size and type of flake, the weather when they fall, wind, how I've caught them and if they've sustained any trauma, and lots of technical camera aspects. 

Technical Specs:

These were shot between an aperture of 5.6 and 6.3. My shutter speed was around 250. I was set up on a tripod and adjusted the ISO as needed for correct exposure. I set up a drying rack and laid a piece of black mat board down. Then, I pre-froze some black fabric of different types so that they would already be cold when the snowflakes were caught on the fabric and laid those onto the black mat board.  I also had a paintbrush handy to slightly adjust the snowflakes and aim them as close as I could towards my lens so they were as parallel as possible. This wasn't always possible. The focus needed to be manual and I used a 105mm micro lens and then cropped in post-production to the flakes that I favored. I know I'll be doing this again but I think it wasn't bad for a first try! It was certainly fun!

A Snowflake Melts in Pennsylvania

This short video is a series of still images that I took of a melting snowflake. It did not use time-lapse technology but was hand-stitched together. I think it is pretty neat to watch!

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