September Family Magic


What I love:

I really love photographing families.  The family is one of my favorite subjects.  There is so much action that can happen that the session gets to become the memory.  That's what I love.  

I also love this family!  Roberta - the beautiful mom here - has been a dear friend of mine since 2002 when we were both really growing deeper in our faith.  She and her husband, Robert, are this amazing missionary family and they live in Japan.  They teach English and introduce the person of Jesus to people who may have never heard of Him before.  

Right now, our families have this rare opportunity to spend time together- they'll be local for a few months and I'm so glad!

So, they kindly booked a session because they needed a family photo update and this is a record of some of the fun we had together. 

This Family:

Roberta pretty much rocks being a mom - I don't know many others who are just fine with giving birth to babies in a foreign country where your support system is new and the language isn't your native, but she and her husband Robert do it daily.  

You can follow their work on Facebook, Twitter, or you can even get their newsletter to keep up with their work.

Two Boys:

Raise your hand if you have two boys - or more!

I have an acquaintance who says, "Boys are exponentially increasing." If you have one boy - that's like having two children.  When you have two boys, its like having 4 children; 3 like 9, etc.

I have two boys - and I believe that this may be true! :)

Watch this video on Robert and Roberta's work and life in Japan!

Boys are so busy!

This week, I am solo parenting while my husband works in California.  I had to run a stack of t-shirts over to a neighbor's house that was across the street and two houses away.  I fed my children dinner and cleaned up the kitchen.  

I gave them coloring books and brand new crayons for Halloween shaped like a pumpkin, ghost, and bat.  They were thrilled.  I thought that I could do this quick errand.  I exited my neighbor's house and found both of my children outside - one on a bike with a helmet on - the other with a watering can outside playing around.  

How had they gotten so far so fast!?  In the time it took me to do that one fast errand, they had broken their crayons, the 3-year old had drawn all over the table, they had gotten this idea, gotten shoes on, gone outside, and even were well into their activities.  

Can you relate?

But, I digress.  Robert and Roberta's two boys are young and sweet.   But, Roberta said they get glimpses of how crazy things might soon be.  :)

These two did such a good job for their portraits.  Here are a few.



Being an Artist:

I was so thankful that my friends really let me be the artist here.  They completely trusted me with their images.  I often have families that really want that posed image for their Christmas card - and I do still do that.  But, Robert and Roberta let me give them actions that made these still images feel alive.  That's what I'm about in terms of photography.  I want it to be infused with memory and vitality.


Its so neat that after 14 years of being friends and 10 of which have not been on the same continent, Roberta and I can have more in common now than we did then.  

After our families  bonding on a trip to a local amusement park and going through some nap battles together and finding out that we listen to the same podcasts each week, I left this session more thankful than ever for this friend. We look forward to eating spicy food and having long chats before this sweet season of life in the US comes to  close.

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