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Meet Taylor! Taylor has patience and empathy unlike most high-school students. That's what leads her to volunteer with preschool-aged children in her spare time. Taylor also is a dancer. She loves keeping up with news and current events and has a passion for chemistry. Read on to learn more about this senior star!

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Favorites and Hobbies:

Taylor's favorite hobbies include dancing, attending sporting events, volunteering for preschool-aged children, and eating. (I bet lots of people can connect on this one!) Her favorite music includes Beyoncé and anything she can dance to!

Taylor likes to read the news and keep up with current events. She also likes to read for fun. Her top two favorite books are The Broker "due to its fascinating qualms about embracing a new identity" and Before I Go To Sleep "because of its intriguing plotline and shocking ending."

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One thing I've learned is limiting one's abilities is more destructive than anything.

When people place limits on themselves, they throw away their potential.

 When people box themselves in, say "I can't," or don't try something because they are afraid of failing, it is devastating.

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Inspiration to Empower Girls:

Many of my peers, especially girls, feel they're not fit to participate into STEM programs because they aren't good enough. From my experience, there isn't anything a person can't do if they simply set their minds to it. As a community, we need to do a better job of empowering young people, encouraging them, instead of degrading them.

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On Future Studies, Schools, and Inspiration:

Taylor is considering Penn State University, The University of Pittsburgh, West Virginia University, and a few more. She isn't ready to choose and is still taking her time checking out schools with her family.

Taylor plans on studying chemistry because it explains how everything works-down to the subatomic particles. Taylor said, "My high school chemistry teacher had a lot of influence on me in deciding on chemistry." This teacher inspired her to ask questions about why things work and how they work and this has always interested Taylor.  "Chemistry attempts to explain complex concepts."  Taylor added, that she loves asking tough questions.

 "To me, understanding is most important."

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Deep Thoughts on the Future:

I asked Taylor, "What are your concerns or ideas for what the future holds?"  She answered really thoughtfully.  "As for things I hope to contribute to this world, I would have to say making the world an ounce better before I die. If the world is the same as when I was brought into it, I would say my life didn't mean anything, so I hope to improve the world, make a difference, and keep giving back. I aspire to make living conditions better for every person on this Earth because no one deserves anything less than to be at their utmost happiness."

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Taylor's Own Future:

My future most likely holds a lot of studying and reading, along with being happy. In 10 years, I'd like to have improved people's lives by working in chemistry, whether it be research, pharmaceuticals, or regulation.

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Taylor has a favorite quote that I'd like to end on.

"We choose to do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." -JFK

Taylor, I have no doubt that your determination and positive mindset will carry you through the hard moments in your life. These things won't be easy; there will be tough moments, but they will be so worthwhile. I know you'll do amazing things, Taylor! Best wishes for an amazing future!

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