Senior Stars: Malia - Photographic Memories

Senior Stars: Malia


So - I wanted to share about this really special senior photo session that I did the other week.  Its special because the girl is a star - has always been a star - and will do amazing things with her life!  


Her name is Malia.  She is super talented and plays the number one spot on the tennis team for her high school!  She was a homecoming candidate and did this awesome skit of High School Musical where her team actually did the basketball number - "Get Your Head in the Game" (My son and I share a love for this musical with sweet Malia!)  Who doesn't?  (Go, Wildcats!)

This is her killing her serve - talent, right!?

Other Talent

I have had the privilege of knowing this young lady since my teaching days.  I wasn't her actual teacher, but used to run this club called "Community Inspired Arts" where our group used our art talents to better the lives of people in our community.  One of the things that we did was make clay pots, sell them at a soup dinner, and give all of the proceeds to places like the local food bank or our school Backpack Program.  Malia was there way back when- using her artistic skill.  I'm not thinking I'll too often be able to throw in an old photo like this on my blog - so here we go!

Malia paints a on window at school for an upcoming event.

Even More Talent

And she plays the violin.  Occasionally, she plays in a creeks.... I'm kidding. But she was totally up for it! :)  

Chilly Photographer

When I had this idea for the creek, it was weeks before and water was low.  It was also much warmer.  It was a good wild half-hour of wading in the creek to get some pretty awesome photos that were so worth it!  Below you see me giving directions on posing, taking photographs, and a selfie afterwards of the evidence of wading too far - at least the equipment stayed dry!!

Working Moments

A Few More Poses

Final Poses

We chose a nearby place to get some good stone texture as a background.  It was a fun, quiet last place to shoot compared to the tennis courts!  Here are a few moments!

Selfie Time

After a fun morning together - we had to end it this way!  I wish all the best for this awesome girl!

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