Senior Stars: Anthony



The really special thing about this session is that this guy is my cousin! :)  That will certainly never happen again - he is the youngest...and on his way to a really amazing future.  Read on for more story and photographs.


This young man is also super-talented and such a hard-working person.  His parents have instilled in him so much goodness.  He will carry his childhood lessons forever, I know.  

Anthony took a different path for his photos - he really wanted photos in his suit.  Many times, senior guys dislike photos for reasons of dressing up, etc. but he rocked the suit!  So cool!

The Band:

Anthony is part of The Band, as in the High School band and participates at all levels.  But, he also has his own band with friends and they play pretty regularly.  Going to watch his band is on my list of things to get to do with my kids!  

How We Are Ourselves:

I have often explored and considered genetics' make-up of the personality - as well as nurture and all the things that go along with it - birth order, for example.  (If you've spoken to me in person in the last 18 months and I haven't brought up birth order, something must have been wrong that day!)  With Anthony- he has two successful, kind, and intelligent people as his parents. He is such a perfect blend of his parents.  

Anthony is so talented - the musical talent comes from his father... Anthony also has writing talent (I heard about a pretty amazing college essay!) which comes from his mother. His math interests are probably a toss-up - but he certainly has lots of interests and I can't wait to see where all of his talents will take him in his future.  


Anthony's session actually began at his house, on his patio and in his backyard.  Those are the suit & tie photographs.  This was special to capture photos in a special place and allow for his family to be present for that too.  

From there, we went to the Portage Railroad.  This is a lovely park and historical space.  They are famous for the Lemon House among other things.  We used the Skew Arch Bridge, which was used in canal days to accommodate both rail and wagon methods of transportation.  It was significant for their family because his parents' wedding photos were taken at this very spot!  

We also used a green space and the split-rail fencing at the Portage Railroad.  It was such a lovely evening - that brisk fall air that is classic October.  It was perfect senior photo weather for sure!

Endings & The Journey:

I need to do this more - but we ended on a selfie!   Such fun!

I love to be part of the journey of coming-of-age that is senior photos.  These young people are at such a pivotal point in their lives and the privilege of helping them and their families capture and remember it is something I treasure.  

All the best to you, Anthony!!

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