Senior Service


Junior Fire-fighter

Let Me Introduce You:

How does it just keep happening that I get to meet these AMAZING seniors?  

This senior's name is Tom and his senior journey is unlike that of many seniors.  He uses his spare time for community service in the form of being a junior fire fighter.  

Read on for more!

Fire Rescue

Crossed Paths

One of my favorite things in the world is that "Isn't it a small world?" feeling.  Once, I photographed a wedding in Altoona, PA and ran into my college roommate from Pittsburgh who had then moved to Boston.  We never knew that we knew the same family but different members.  It was probably the top of such moments.  But this one is pretty cool too! 

The other week, my pre-schooler didn't have planned school on the day that the fire department was coming to do a presentation, so I took him in to make sure he could hear it.  I had taken a photo of my son on the truck and this week, was sorting personal photos.  Who was standing right beside my child but Tom!  Our paths had crossed and his session had been planned, but we just didn't know then!  What fun!

Like Father; Like Son

8 Generations!

Tom also comes from 8 generations of fire-fighters before him - he is truly part of a community service legacy.  Today, he and his father do this side-by-side in one of the most incredible bonding experiences and life experiences I've ever heard.  

I spoke with Tom's aunt as we traveled between photo locations.  I asked if she still worried when her husband went out for a fire.  She said she did - but more about the hectic drive from the house to the station in the middle of the night.  She felt confident that they knew what they were doing and were trained and experienced and would be safe while putting out the fires.  

This conversation actually made me go home and write out a check to my local fire station to contribute and know that they had all of the updated equipment they needed to stay safe while protecting others.   Maybe this can be a personal challenge for you too?  


Wait There's More!

This young man isn't just focused on community service.  He is also focused on his future career and his interest in farming.  He is a member of the Future Farmers of America and spends his other spare time fixing up an antique tractor similar to the one pictured here.  

McCormick Farmall Tractor

Location, Location, Location:

I know location is important, but this time, it just turned out to be incredibly interesting.  I met the lovely woman who owned the property and house where we did the tractor shoot and learned that her family is the reason for the town's name!  The farm is called Bell Farm and the town became Bellwood.  The home used to be an inn and the front door faces the river, not the current road, because the river was the method of transportation as there were not roads that went by the house.  Incredible!  

There are still some historic structures on the property, like the milk house, which was a building especially for the cooling, handling, and bottling of milk.  I got a neat history lesson along with these fun senior photos!

Kids These Days

Doesn't knowing about a young person like this give you hope and pride?  It sure does for me and I'm glad to be meeting people that have so much personal drive.  I know Tom will make a difference for the better in the lives of those around him.

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