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Recently, I did professional portraits for our community's favorite radio personality, Rob Z

Rob is very talented and runs his own social media marketing company as well as hosts his own successful podcast. He uses his platform to encourage followers to become their best selves, to seek guidance and help, to grow by reading and learning, and always to have fun! Rob is real about himself and his own growth while he encourages others. 

Rob came to me knowing how he can use portraits in his podcast and marketing work. He had a vision of how it could come together. I thought the process of how we created these images with his purpose in mind would be helpful to others, so I'm sharing it with you! 

How to Plan for Pro Portraits:

Rob turned the portrait above into his main logo. By keeping the background clean, Rob anticipated how he would use the images. He explained that to me and I was able to help him achieve that look in the way I set up my studio and in the way I edited the images after our session.

Face Time:

In our photo session, Rob and I really planned on achieving lots of different postures and facial expressions. Rob knew that he could use those different facial expressions in all kinds of interesting ways in his social media. We planned ahead so that he had lots of different images to use for awhile. 


I gave Rob plenty of space in the image so he can add text and crop as needed for his regular podcast episodes. After the images were edited, I gave him second versions that all had extra space around them for even more freedom to create!

If you've never listened before, you should! Its RobZ Radio and you can find it on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts!

Rob's Work

I love working with Rob. Not only have I enjoyed working on these pro portraits, but I've started to take Rob's Social Media Marketing Classes that he offers locally. The knowledge he has gained from researching and then running his own social media marketing business is very helpful to small business owners. He is personally available to help troubleshoot the learning curve of social media marketing, or, even better, he can do it for you! Rob even offers tips via You Tube videos. Check one out here! I really recommend checking out the services he offers. 

Follow along on Rob's journey! You can find Rob on Facebook or on Instagram. He regularly hosts Freebee Fridays and shares encouragement for a growth mindset.


I think it can be a challenge to get one's portrait taken as an adult -especially when its just you and you aren't doing it with your family. I always have snacks and tea waiting when people come in for pro portraits. It helps relax everyone so that we can have fun during the session! 

These sorts of portraits should be fun! There are so many people becoming entrepreneurs and running creative businesses that these types of portraits are really helpful to have.

If you could use portraits for your professional use, give me a call or shoot me an email and we can plan out what you're looking for!

What am I about? 

My business is about providing art opportunities in the community as well as portraiture photography work. If you would like to follow along, you can check out my last blog article or join my newsletter!

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