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04.24.2017: From The Archives


Why Prom Photos?

Its nearly prom season, friends! I wanted to share a story from last year of such a wonderful idea from a client with a prom-going beautiful daughter. 

I received a call and chatted with her about her requests over the phone. She was requesting a personal session for her daughter on prom day.  Her reasoning? "Why spend all of that money on the dress, the make-up, the hair, the nails, the jewelry, and the shoes and then take blah photos to remember it all?" I thought this was so true!  Plus, I remember not really knowing how to stand as a young lady suddenly all dressed up and not really knowing what to do with it all, making my personal prom photos slightly more awkward than they needed to be. :)

So, this blog post is a series of photos from this beautiful girl's prom day.  Check out how my lighting can out-power the sun and take away those terrible mid-day under-eye shadows from the high sun.  Check out how my posing can bring out all of her natural beauty.  I love these photos.  I hope you do too.



So, the story of how special these are gets more interesting when you find out that this sweet girl was one of the last of my students to graduate from high school. She was my student in ninth grade art class! It was amazing to see how much she has grown yet is also still the same kind and thoughtful girl that I knew years ago. She has such a bright future ahead of her and getting to photograph this and allow her family to hold on to these beautiful moments of her youth is all the more special for me to be a part of.


The Real Graduation Photos

I was thinking about these portraits as being not just a reflection of this beautiful girl looking her best, but also a more true reflection of what she looks like as a high-school senior. We often schedule students' graduation portraits in the summer between eleventh and twelfth grade so the opportunity to get this extra glimpse of our babies before we send them off to school or careers is extra special. If this sounds like something you're interested in, check out my 30 Minute Sessions and my 60 Minute Sessions to get more info and pricing. This family's session lasted an hour. We snapped a few family shots and even got one with the dog as well. We had a great time and made some beautiful memories. :)

Check out last week's post all about a curly-haired little girl who loves to giggle and turned 3 years old. See how we celebrated during the photo shoot with balloons and a treat!

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