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I'd love to introduce you to this sweet family. They are so special to me personally, so taking their portraits is such an honor!

Sara and Jake have two beautiful daughters. Their oldest is nearly four years old and their youngest is turning one, which was the reason for the photo session!

Sara is a public school art teacher and I used to work with Sara! She is SO GOOD at what she does. We excitedly created an art club, went to national Art Education Association conferences together, learned what was happening in the current art world and incorporated that into our classrooms to give our students the most contemporary and meaningful art curriculum possible. She is technically a great artist and is SO thoughtful about the lessons she creates with purpose for her students to draw self-understanding and global perspective from their own work.

I know that the excellence she pursues in the classroom is only surpassed in raising her two daughters at home with her funny, smart, and smiley husband, Jake. Together, Jake and Sara are patient and kind parents. I know that the funny things their daughters do and say give them a lot of laughter at this stage of parenting. They are a good team!

Big Sister:

This big girl had a plan of her own for this photo session and it involved her portraits being done in her rocking chair - just like most nearly-four-year-olds! Their dog, Rooney, also had a plan - and it involved snuggling up and being involved too!

So, we went with it - and it went beautifully. I love little L's ethereal beauty and thoughtful expressions. She has always been one of my favorite subjects 

Warming Up:

Usually it takes children a little while to warm up to me, all of the equipment, and prompts from me or mom and dad. It can be a lot! So, near the end of their 60 minute session, little L. and I revisited her portraits to get that more natural, comfortable and authentic smile. She was also ready for a portrait without the rocker! She is a smart and beautiful little one. 

I've been photographing her for awhile. Below is her one year old photos nearly three years ago. She still explores the world with that wide-eyed curiosity and natural beauty. How special to revisit those moments and see how she has grown!

Little Sister:

This is the birthday girl. She was happy to get photos in her little rocker as well. She is pleasant and made the silliest faces for her portraits. We had lots of fun! She is full of joy for sure and must make Sara and Jake laugh lots!

Sisters Together!

These sisters had their own ideas of what they wanted to do really - pull rocking chairs around and walk as much as possible. I sense that, even though they are young, they are a few months to a year away from making little plans together as sisters and friends. Sara and Jake will have to watch out! :) The future holds many adventures.

Mommy and Me:

Here, Sara helped her youngest daughter walk, which she was so excited to do! Once she started, she didn't want to stop! She smiled and laughed when she walked, so proud of her action. She cried and got frustrated when mom or dad took a break! Its a stage to treasure for sure!

Relaxed Portrait Session:

When a family schedules a 60 minute session, that gives us plenty of time not to feel too rushed and also to capture lifestyle moments and portraits of each parent with each child. I love this. As the mom and one-with-a-camera in my own house, I know I'm not in very many family photos. As parents, this often happens, so I think getting a chance for these beautiful moments to make their way to print is such a treasure!

Dad Time!

I love these portraits of Jake with his daughters. Each one shows the stage of life that they are currently in, big sister riding piggy-back and little sister being lightly tossed up and giggling the whole time. These also show their love for each other. I love how the little birthday girl just gazes at her daddy throughout the tossing and how little L. holds on to Daddy's neck so tightly!

Sara and Jake:

At the end, we keep the kids nearby doing something to keep them busy and grab a few shots of Sara and Jake together. They reflected that it has been awhile for them to have portraits with just the two of them. They snuggled close and laughed together.

These moments are few and far between sometimes at this stage of parenting and I am so glad that we were able to catch these moments for them too. 

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