Katelyn's Journey to a Natural Life


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New Business Portraits:

Meet, Katelyn! Katelyn is actually my new sister-in-law. (She and my brother were married not quite a year ago!) We don't live near each other but love a chance to catch up and do a project together. So, I was honored that she hired me to take her new business portraits and I thought it might be fun to share a bit about her new adventure and her "why" behind it all!

Katelyn used to sell another type of make-up, but couldn't use the products because she has sensitive skin and was allergic to the chemicals in the products. She felt like she had to  compromise health for beauty. Her journey with allergies and sensitivities have  allowed her a glimpse into what ingredients are actually present in everyday household and self-care products. She started to change her purchasing to consider the health of herself and her family to screen for these types of ingredients. This led her into the world of natural make-up and essential oils. 

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Feeling Confident:

I didn't grow up with any sisters. Curious, I asked Katelyn if doing make-up together was part of her coming-of-age with two sisters. She said, "Oh girl, that is definitely what sisters do, however, my sisters have always had beautiful skin and I never got it! What I am trying to say is... my sisters don't NEED makeup so they never wear it! I guess have always been the higher maintenance one ;)

I do remember when I was going into high school my mom could really see my struggle with acne and awkwardness. (I think we can all relate to this, right?!)  That Christmas, she took me to a department store to get my makeup professionally done and that is when my love affair with makeup began!! My mom got me all of the makeup applied to my face and the makeup lesson they gave me forever stuck! I never felt so beautiful and I just remember finally being noticed!

The Natural Life:

Since I connected my friend Lauren with Katelyn thinking she would love the Crunchi Make-up, I asked her what she liked about the company. 

Katelyn said that she  was drawn to Crunchi because she started taking more and more action on making her life toxin free. She had already started  using essential oil to help her anxiety and that quickly led  to making her own cleaning products with oils. Katelyn said, "When I was introduced to Crunchi I instantly fell in love with the high performance makeup and because it is completely toxin free. I knew it would fit into the lifestyle that I wanted to achieve for me and my family!" She also said that she loves Crunchi because it allows her "to help educate women about harmful toxins in their beauty products and how small changes can make huge differences in life!"

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"We no longer need to trade our health for beauty!"

Crunchi Difference:

"By looking at the ingredients in beauty products women can increase their health and decrease their risk for disease. So many beauty products have carcinogens in them masked by fancy words we all ignore, this not only negatively affects the user but all of those that come into contact with it (kids/husbands). I believe in Crunchi cosmetics because they don't use toxins in their product, it is important to the company to make a healthy product for the consumer and not just take the easy way out!"

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Changing Worldview:

Katelyn's journey matches my own. Not just part of a trend, but part of my worldview, I am always looking for less-toxic options for self-care products, health products, cleaning products, and in reducing the amount of processed foods that our family consumes. It used to be difficult to find recipes for cleaning products or books on all the things you can do with white vinegar. Now, there are hundreds of blogs on the subject and probably just as many books! :)

I'm glad to share Katelyn's journey because these ideas are important to me too.

How do you find ways to reduce toxins in your life? 

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