Holiday Photos: Novel Concepts

Lifestyle Holiday:

Two years ago, I did a styled shoot with one of my best friends. She dressed up her children in clothes with holiday colors. We added a few holiday decorations. We added a red tablecloth to stand out with the plan we had. And we had the kids bake cookies! Read on to hear (and see) more of what we did!

Beauty in Autonomy:

It was a simple concept. But fun. The kids enjoyed getting to do the activity with little instruction because the cookies were part of the shoot and didn't have to meet any criteria of sugar sprinkles. They worked together. They got creative. They smiled and laughed. They had moments of focus as they worked on their creations. They smiled with joy as their finished work came out of the oven. They giggled together as they munched on the first cookies that had cooled enough to pick up, proud of their work.


I was able to catch neat shots from below the kids as they cut out cookies because I brought two folding sawhorses and a large piece of plexiglass. They cut out cookie shapes above the plexi and I stayed below, catching neat perspective shots with some direction to the kid on where to place their hands or how to tilt their heads. These were done mid-day with only ambient light in order to feel homey and authentic. 

Open Concept:

And It seemed like I had found something amazing. Why do we all annually stand together smiling, sometimes holding holiday signs stating the year, for our greeting cards when we can do something different, give our children a chance to enjoy holiday photos while making memories. We can send our friends and family a glimpse into our lives - capturing the stages of growth of the children not in their height or hairstyle, but in what they're able to do and have pride in. In a photo session like this, we get to demonstrate inner growth as well as outer growth. We get to reach the heart too.


If you'd like to give something like this a try, contact me! 

There are so many other ways to try this! You could cut down your tree and invite me to document. You could bake cookies like you see above. You could wrap presents together or decorate the house. You could play board games together in your holiday family pjs or incorporate other holiday traditions! The idea is that we show your real life in a beautiful way to make memories and create fantastic images to remember it all forever!

If you'd like to see a sample of my other posts, check out my previous post titled Senior Stars: Maddie. Telling personal stories is an important component of my photographic work!

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