Halloween Revisited


I am getting a little sentimental this week. Maybe because I photographed two families with newborn babies. Maybe its because its Halloween and I just went back and made some family albums. Whatever it is, I was revisiting the past tonight - thinking about our perfectly sweet Halloween moments and the moments when everything felt hectic. I'm recalling the years when our kids felt great in their costumes and the year when we had to find a last-minute costume because the first one felt too scary and real. We're beginning to gather quite a history here! (These images are NOT lit well or "picture-perfect. Typically I ran home from work and made a fast dinner so we could get out the door to Trick-Or-Treat at 6:00! They are good memories though!)


This was my first Halloween Costume. My mom kept it and we put it on J in a pumpkin patch. It wasn't his actual costume that year but was special and sweet!  

Below is his real costume: Yoda! We carried around a little glow stick for his Light Saber. Now, both boys love Star Wars and can't wait for that part of Hollywood Studios! This photo was at Brady's grandmother's house. We miss her - this used to be a tradition to go around to grandparents and great-grandparents houses on Halloween. Time changes so much.


This is the most embarrassing costume I've ever put together. J was so interested in the bunnies that ran around in our backyard that year. He would say, "Hop! Hop!" so we decided he should be a bunny. The costumes that were available to purchase were gray bunnies with long floppy ears and looked nothing like a wild rabbit. So, I decided to make one. No pattern - just lots of guessing and piecing together. I can say that it fit him- mostly. The poor little kiddo though - it looks a little sad! :)


This is one of my favorite years. I made these too - with the help of patterns this time! (And my mother-in-law!) 

J loved Mister Rogers' Neighborhood so much and this was the theme for his 2nd birthday party too. At J's request, he was Prince Tuesday. I was Queen Sarah Saturday and Brady was King Friday the 13th. We had lots of fun. I still have these costumes. I can't part with them!


This year was a little rough, but I'll always remember it with a smile. J wanted to be a Fire-fighter, but when the costume arrived, he thought it looked so real that he would have to fight real fires. He was afraid of what it meant and wouldn't put it on. So, at the last minute, we borrowed a childhood costume of our adult friend. She had worn this blue crayon costume as a small child and her cousin had been another crayon color. Their grandmother had made them for the girls. The funny thing? Now, that grandmother is our neighbor!


We revisited Way Fruit Farm for another pumpkin patch photo-op with another baby in that sweet old costume of mine! He was the cutest pumpkin in the patch for sure!

Below is the real 2013 costumes for the boys. I made them for this year. They were superheroes but of themselves. J was "Super J!" and C was "Super C!" The capes and pieces were fun toys for pretend in the years following. 

2013 Pumpkin Carving

That year, C couldn't carve his own pumpkin, because he was only a baby. We also got a new carving tool that easily allowed you to take layers away from the outer orange skin and reveal an orange glow instead of just a simple cut-out. I decided if I turned C's face into simple lines that I could carve HIS face into the pumpkin to make it "his." Despite what you may imagine, this took me just the same amount of time that it took J to carve his own pumpkin with Brady. :)


J really wanted to be Batman this year and especially wanted Brady to be his sidekick: Robin. Brady happily obliged and now is the owner of a Robin suit. :) 

C frequently roared and growled at the age of 2. So, we decided that he should be a dragon. However, he did not like the head so he was sort of a headless dragon!


This is probably going to be an all-time favorite year! This was the year that the Lego Movie was really popular, but there were NOT costumes to purchase! So, I had a ton of paper mache paste and an old cooking pot to shape them on. It was a really fun project! Brady was "President Business" and I was "Wild Style" while J was "Emmet" and C was "Batman." (C didn't like the idea of a big helmet/head so he went with a felt one that I made!) It was the most labor-intensive year ever but we had lots of fun!

We also went to Deleware to visit the boys' cousins and Trick-Or-Treat on the boardwalk at the beach. We loaded all of these giant heads into the car and barely had room for our clothes! Haha! We will always love these costumes. Now, the heads are decorations in our boys' Lego Bedroom


This year was another year that we went Trick-Or-Treating in Deleware on the Boardwalk! It is the highlight of our fall season. Not only is it fun, but the kids get to do something memorable with their cousins. They're making the kinds of memories that they won't forget. We're so thankful!  This year, it was so warm that we could actually play in the sand and in the water a bit. C was Batman and J was Andrew McCutchen. They loved their costumes this year and I got a break from making! :)


We revisited the Lego theme in 2017 but this time, we could buy them! They wanted to be Lego Ninjago characters. C was "Jay" and J was "Lloyd - the Green/ Golden Ninja". Does anyone want to buy these? How many lego costumes does one family need? ;)


This was the first year that J went Trick-Or-Treating with friends. It's also our first year in several years that we aren't going to Deleware. J also got a much older-style costume this year. He was Indiana Jones. We were prepping the kids on a few movies before Disney this year and while C didn't like it or watch it, J enjoyed it. Immediately when the movie ended, he said, "I want to be Indiana Jones for Halloween!" C wasn't sure what he wanted to be. I suggested many things to him, but a trip around the Halloween store revealed a Wild Kratt's costume. He was thrilled. He loves that he could be Chris Kratt as a Cheetah! 

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