Four Times The Fun


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Four Kiddos Four and Under

Yes.  You read that correctly.  This family has four children that are four years old and younger! I know that life is more than wild for my friends with their children, but it is also filled with lots of love and sweet smiles.  

I must admit -I was a little nervous about making it all work with all of the moments of mud splattering, hangry cries, and running and falling going on.  But these kids did a wonderful job at their session.  Read below for more of the story.

Extended Family

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It Takes A Village

When there are children to raise, it always takes many loving hearts and hands, doesn't it?  I've been so thankful for the people in my life who have helped me to care for my boys both now and when I worked as a teacher full time.  

I know this family is thankful for Grammy and even Great-Grandma in being part of their lives in a regular way.  I know the kids are so thankful for all of the love too.  I grew up only seeing my great-grandma a few times and my grandparents regularly, though not more than once every-other-week.  How cool to see grandparents on a much more regular basis!  Their family joined in for this shoot - what a beautiful way to record all of the hands that helped in the early years of these little ones!

Who are you thankful for in helping to raise you or your children?  I challenge you to write them a note or email to show your continued gratitude today!


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Brother Adventures

I let the brothers run ahead of the group to our next photo spot on one of my favorite local farms.  From here, these brothers felt ahead of the group and like they were on a path of discovery.  I find that this feeling of adventure for a photo session is ripe for amazing photos that are real moments - we just have the chance to record them.  

Big Brother; Little Brother

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The Familiar

The children came over to an area of a field that hadn't been plowed yet.  They hung out with their grandma and great-grandma checking things out and maybe eating the occasional yogurt bite.  But, they had fun - holding hands and laughing.  These are the moments that really fill our lives with love.  



Then we got a chance to grab a few photos with the immediate family.  Everyone was getting pretty muddy at this point - which is pretty much the sign of a successful adventure, right? :)  Then, we were off for a location change to keep little bodies moving and happy.

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Break It Down

Then, we took some time to grab a few shots of each kid. This is usually one of my favorite and busiest parts of a session.  I like to typically do it after kids are warmed up and the group shots are finished. Smiles are more relaxed for everyone.  


What the Future Holds

I know times may be crazy with four children that are young, but these children are all so sweet and certainly fill everyone's lives with a richness that can't be replaced. I can't think of a lovelier way to spend my time than to help a special family remember these years that go by so quickly.

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