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Spring Session Kickoff:

Friends, I can't wait to tell you about the best spring photo kickoff I had the other weekend! It was the only weekend without snow so far! To start off the season with a bang, we had a 21 person family session! They coordinated their schedules and clothing to be together and look amazing and have lots of fun! The above photo shows the whole family together on their childhood stomping grounds. Read on for more!

Grateful Hearts:

This is Kathy and Jim. They are husband and wife and have 4 daughters. Their four daughters have given them 11 grandchildren and that's what we were celebrating with these portraits. Kathy and Jim are incredibly kind people with grateful hearts. They also recognize how blessed they are with their children and grandchildren and treasure moments with them, especially together. They had everyone at the house for the weekend sleeping over! It was a full house and they had full hearts!

Danielle, Liz, Holly, and Heather are the four daughters of Jima and Kathy.

Four Daughters:

Jim and Kathy have four daughters. No one lives exactly close to where they grew up, so lots of coordination with travel plans and weekends off work needed to be scheduled to make this happen. We started making plans four months ahead of time to get everyone together!

For their session, I always recommend that families coordinate their clothing to look like they belong together in portraits without being too "matchy" that all the attention goes to the clothes and not the people in the portraits. Holly researched and decided on the scheme for everyone. The group did this beautifully and decided on the color palette of mauves, grays, whites, and dark blues. Everyone looked gorgeous in these colors and they were a good choice to give some spring color to our rather wintry spring.                   

Love Pours Itself Out:

I've known one of Jim and Kathy's daughters, Liz, and stayed in touch since high school. I've always been struck by her warm heart and true empathy for others in a way that is just so honest.  She uses her law degree to contribute to a powerful support organization for women in need called Together Rising.

After meeting Jim and Kathy, it was obvious that this quality of warmth, love, and empathy pours out as an example for all of their children and grandchildren. It fills up their whole family. I know that the source of this outpouring is the enduring love of Jesus. Its not just something that they practice by going to church regularly. They live out the love they experience daily by caring for others and caring for those who are hurting.

Kathy is a momentous part of the development of the first 3/4 house (or long-term recovery house) for women in Altoona, PA.  The purpose of this resource is for those that have only known drugs and alcohol their entire life, 9 to 12 months is needed for them to learn healthy life skills and coping skills to be transitioned back into society as healthy contributors. Its a non-profit organization that also works to improve the lives of the elderly, the disabled, and provides day care services. A link to the organization is HERE!

All three of their other daughters are amazing in their care for others too. I learned that Heather is a nurse and Heather, Holly, and Danielle are all active in their churches. This just reminds me that the example we set as parents can have such lasting effects on others beyond our own generation.

After we got our group shots, we created a rotation where each family had time for a break and snack for the little children while I began to get smaller group family shots and individual photographs of the children. We even had time for the parents to each get a portrait. In the business of life, we often forget to include ourselves in photos as parents, but its good for our children to see us in these images around the house as they grow!

Photographic Memories:

It was such a blessing to be part of this group for a few hours! I am so glad for them that they were able to get together, have a giant sleepover that they'll remember forever, and make new memories together. Treasuring each other and uplifting each other is so important. That's why I love what I do - I get to be a witness to love in so many moments. Here's to the enduring love of family and Jesus!

Next Steps:

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