Engagement Session Give-Away Winners!


Jon and Christy won an Engagement Session Giveaway I recently held online and I won by getting to meet them! Read on to hear about how they met, their funny engagement story that involves an iron, and their wedding plans for later this summer!

Worthy Legacy:

Jon and Christy met while working at Target a few years ago.  They both still work there, but unfortunately on opposite shifts, which means they currently live a life like two ships passing in the night. They look forward to days when they can spend time together and they can go to sleep and eat and wake up on the same schedule. I know some other families and couples like this. Its hard! But Jon and Christy are both so hard-working that they realize what they are gaining at this stage for this sacrifice and know that it is a stage and its worthwhile, because it is helping them build their legacy together. 

Getting Together:

There were whispers between the aisles while they stocked shelves and folded shirts. She whispered to a friend that she thought he was pretty great. Maybe Jon was prodded by coworker friends that he dug her too. But, these really special friends and coworkers actually brought them together! They are forever grateful. They started hanging out, later dating, and finding that they had an incredible love for nature and for gardening that they shared and a real love of family.  

The Proposal: 

Jon wanted to throw her off and avoid suspicion until the last possible moment. He wanted the proposal to be a total surprise. So, he asked his manager at Target for advice. "What gift can I give her that is the most un-romantic and unrelated gift to a proposal?" His manager's advice? "An Iron."

Days later, he gave a wrapped box to Christy and she carefully opened it, unsuspecting, of course, that a ring was inside, because, well, the box was about the size of...an iron!

She opened the box and was surprised to find....an iron. She said, "But, Jon, we already have two of these!" and was a little confused.

He started to say that it was a really good one and kept encouraging her to try the handle. She tried the handle and found something taped under the handle that she didn't suspect - a diamond ring! Jon asked her to marry him and of course, she said, "Yes!" 

I don't think the two of them will ever iron wrinkled clothes without a bit of laughter in their eyes.

Joining Lives:

I think Jon and Christy are fantastic people all-around, but I especially love that they love and are so committed to their family. Their wedding is centered around their family coming together to celebrate their lives changing on their wedding day,. From the day they chose to make sure that friends and family from very far away can be there to the way they are involving family members in the ceremony, they get it.  

This lovely future-bride and her handsome future-groom understand that their family wants to be there to lift them up as they join their lives, but they also want to bring these special people together to say, "Thank you. Thank You for bringing us here. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for loving us as separate people and now as one in marriage.”

Stronger Together:

Naturally, we needed to go to a beautiful garden for Jon and Christy's photos, because they both love gardening so much. So, we went to the PSU Arboretum for their photos. Things were blooming and coming to life all around us and I couldn't help but see all of that new life and growth as a metaphor for their relationship and marriage. 

A strong marriage has good soil that is cared for in advance by family and friends the way a gardener adds compost or tills the soil. 

A strong marriage started as seed spread over that soil much like the early days of hanging out and dating for a couple, seeing if they want to dig down roots here.

A strong marriage grows through sunlight, water, and care. In this way, Jon and Christy continue to work on their relationship, knowing each other well and desiring to know each other even better. They take the time to know how to best love each other, be present for each other, and give the other wha he or she needs to continue to grow within the marriage.

A strong marriage is a place where we can let our roots intertwine as we grow and where we are stronger together because of each other. Friends, I hope you'll join me and cheer on Jon and Christy as they prepare for their marriage and life together and grow something so important together! 

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