Casting Practice


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Today I'm finally getting around to editing some personal photos and thought they were good material for a quick story too. At the beginning of August, Brady and I took the kids and picked up my dad for a day of "fishing." It was really more like a casting practice day because there had been tons of rain in the days before and this creek had majorly overflowed. It had gone back down but was muggy and buggy and the water still really muddy from all of the rain. But, it was a day that we got to do something together and for that reason, it was a beautiful day.                  


This is my dad. I laughed aloud when I saw him walk out of the front door with all of this gear on. This past spring, he had gotten his fishing license for the first time in many years.  He and my mom went shopping for a new fishing rod and apparently a new tackle box, vest, lures, a hat and more. He had every single thing with him and most of it on him. He even matched his camp chair! He was anxious to try it all out. He had never really had enough free time for any hobby in his younger years. Now, apparently he was quite serious and looking the part.

He bought all of that stuff but hadn't gotten the chance to use it all spring or summer. He has been fighting a cancer battle for two years now and has had a really rough summer with side effects. He was so glad to finally be well enough to get out of the house for a bit. 

Even my own kids love to get out their fishing vests. They really seem to enjoy "looking the part" even if they don't catch anything! :)

Catching Shots

I don't get a fishing license because I'm usually "catching" shots of everyone having fun. That is how I relax. I got to play a bit and enjoy the act of finding and creating. I love these mountains in this spot. It would have been a better day to be out on the water than it was to be on the edge. We should have rented a few boats!

Tangled Lines

We had lines in the trees and lines caught in seaweed. We had lines crossed and knotted. We worked on those lines more than anything that day. My youngest son just likes to be a part of everything. He was pretty happy no matter what. My older son likes to do things himself and he got to feel pretty independent that day - other than putting up a fight about where we should set up.

Time Together:

I hope that the boys grow up to remember this day with their Pap-Pap. These photographs can help to trigger their memories to keep this day bright in their minds. But sometimes the sensory experiences can trigger those memories stronger than anything. I hope that some day they'll be out on a creek hearing the heartbeat chirp of bugs around them as they search through muddy water and work on their casting and think of this day and smile with a grateful heart.

Getting Connected:

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  • Dot Jacobs

    on September 22, 2018

    Memories that are priceless! The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for opportunity to read about your wonderful day. You have a beautiful family. ..

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