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If you have two boys, you know as well as I do how quickly a sweet brotherly love pose turns into a wrestling match - or a gymnastics tournament! I love the brotherly love moment below, but I also love holding on to the adventuring nature memories too. Our children do look up at us and beam those lovely smiles - but they also get curious and explore their surroundings, jump and shout and bounce around - and I want to remember as much as I can- the beaming smiles and brotherly love moments and the adventuring moments too. 

Little Brother:

Little man Miles is full of laughter. He is about to turn 3 and is going to have such a good time at his birthday. He has those sweet curls that no one wants to go away - ever! He is easy-going and likes to find cool rocks. (See rock photos below.)

Big Brother:

Jack will start kindergarten in the fall and spends his summer hiking with his brother and daddy. He also plays ice hockey (really well I may add!) and can skate far far far better than me. He loves adventures and exploring too!

Rock Collections:

Our boys have a rock collection, because, well...truth be told....I have a rock collection. My boys were used to the idea early and have rock collections that are growing at alarming rates! These boys were interested in rocks too. It's not only fun to look at them and find them, but you can learn what you are made of when you pick up a really heavy one! We had all kinds of rock collection fun on this shoot. The boys even found a shed snake skin that they carried around for the rest of our shoot. If you look closely, you'll spot it in the photo of the boys holding hands and walking. 

We get the most significant and memorable moments from our children not when we force them into poses but when we just let them be who they are (and create an optimal setting for that to happen). It's these creek-stomping and lizard-finding moments that make up childhood memories and therefore the most important contents of our photographic memories too. 

Brothers Book:

Have you ever read Brothers by David McPhail? Its about, obviously, two brothers who are alike but different. One brother likes the window shade up at night and the other likes the shade down, so they compromise and the shade is at half-way. Its a sweet book. It makes me think of my boys and these boys. Even though it is a board book, we all enjoy it. It has become a 'forever book' for our family. The book ends with this:  

"And they know, those brothers do, that they will stick together...always."

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