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My sweet friends, Lauren and Mike, just welcomed their third baby boy into their family. I have no doubt that this little guy will grow into a kind, intelligent, curious, and smiley little boy just like his big brothers. Here, we get a glimpse into their early days as a family of five! 

Meet Baby P!

This is sweet-smelling baby P. Even though he was a tad early, he was Lauren's longest pregnancy and also biggest and chubbiest baby yet! He spends his days insisting that he is not like his brothers, both in sleep patterns, nursing times, and more! He is keeping Lauren and Mike busy (and tired) and smiling and their house full of life!

I feel like this little guy is really special to me, because I had the honor and privilege of being in the delivery room and took his very first portraits right after birth. Even though I've given birth to two little boys myself, it was a whole new experience to witness that new life as someone not in pain! This family is thoughtful in everything they do with their children and it was incredible to be part of it!

Big Brothers:

Baby P's big brothers are glad that he is here. They are so glad to be able to snuggle into mama's lap again and are becoming more independent in the moments that mom is feeding their little brother. Their biggest complaint? Having to see baby brother's umbilical cord, even for a moment. They quickly request that mom or dad cover it up! 

For a few moments, we managed to get these three wiggly brothers all in one spot. Catching them just admiring their brand new brother is certainly a moment to freeze in time. This life doesn't allow our brains to hold on to every moment, but sometimes, we get the chance to say to Time, "This moment stays. I'll remember this one forever."

Teeny Fingers, Tiny Toes:

I always take time to capture these details. My favorite is when mom or dad's hands are present to allow us a scale of measurement to see how very tiny those fingers and toes really were. They also remind us that our sweet babies are able to get through each day of their fragile lives because of our hands, our hearts, our constant care. Remembering these moments are some of the most important.

We also caught a few portraits of Baby P. napping. I always keep my colors simple when I photograph portraits of baby. I want these sweet little ones to stand out, not hats or poses. 

Portraits with Mom and Dad:

After the big brothers went down for their naps, we had a bit of quiet time to do portraits of baby P. with his mom, and dad, and the three of them together. When we're stuck in the whirlwind of early baby days and we are getting up at night so much that we can't remember if our dreams are reality or if our realities are our dreams, its easy to forget these snuggly and calm baby moments. I love these portraits of parents holding babies because so often, we are the ones not in family photos because we are behind the cameras. Having these beautiful portraits to hold on to that time is  precious and irreplaceable. 

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. - Dr. Seuss.

Friends, I know you join me in wishing this family the very best - the best memories, the best moments, the best love, and the most hope as they journey together as a family of five!

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