A Day In My Life: A 110 Film Story in 2018


I recently found my very first camera from a tote in the basement. My grandma gave it to me in 1993 for Christmas. I remember feeling so grown up, having a camera of my own. I remember planning shots and telling my family to pose and "Say cheese!" the way it had been modeled to me numerous times in my younger years. I loved it! I especially loved waiting for the film to come back to me, processed and with a set of double prints. It was an object that, although simple, is symbolic in who gifted it to me and how that object began to form me.

So, I decided that the simple little camera was ready for another fun adventure. My boys love their Instax camera and I thought the idea of not having instant gratification would be a good experience for them. So, I bought a roll of 110 film on Amazon that is made by a company called Lomography. (More details on purchase and advice at the bottom of the story.) We mapped out what a day in our family life looks like and planned the shots. Below, you get a glimpse into our family life for one day. Everyone took turns with the shutter and we really enjoyed the adventure!

The day we recorded was February 28, 2018. Enjoy!

J (and C who is not pictured) wake up at 7:05 am in their Lego-themed bedroom.

Brady returns from his workout and begins breakfast for the kids by pouring their allergy medicines.

J makes his favorite breakfast, a cheese omelette, by himself, and shares with his brother.

Ann (Crazy hair, don't care!) preps lunches for the kids for school.

Brady makes me a hot cup of tea every morning.

I comfort C. who's crying about what to wear. (He always wants to wear comfies.)

Brady prays for the boys as they prepare to leave for school.

C. smiles at me from the back-seat of the car just before I drop him off.

I return to the house to work and my cat greets me by stretching and being attentive on the kitchen floor.

I get settled in to work, editing photos and doing paperwork.

I am always greeted with a, "Mommy!!!" (I'm so glad to see you!) from C. Its the best!

J. gets off the bus and comes home.

The boys settle down for a snack.

The boys head outside to play, even if its just for 15 minutes before the run-around to activities begins!

I'm cooking dinner or the kids are eating when Brady gets home from work. He always kisses me hello, even if one of us is grouchy.

We try to sit down to dinner together, even if we have a busy weeknight. This has always been super important to us.

That night, J. has a basketball game. Here, they're having a quick post-game meeting with the coaches.

J. often is reading chapter books alone at night, so I love the rare nights that he wants to snuggle with his Dad and his brother for a few storybooks.

Brady and I crash on the couch until 11:00 if we're good and 12:30 if we are up watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Then, we head to bed.

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This is a personal story. I'm a professional portrait and wedding photographer who lives in Central, PA. If you'd like to check out my other work, go HERE. If you want to read about last week's blog post, it was called, How I See Love

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Interested in your own 110 Film Adventure?

I purchased my Lomography Peacock Color Slide 110 film at this amazing site: Lomography. They sell new cameras of many types that are of a vintage style. If you've ever found an older camera that isn't completely working and you've checked into getting something fixed on it, you might have discovered how difficult it now is to find parts and find people who can do that work. 

A blog story posted on the Lomography website also shares a 110 camera adventure story called Kodak Ektralite 10: (Almost) Another Spy. 

Check out this site by 120 Studio for info on types of 110 film cameras, why they are lots of fun for all ages.

I do all of my processing at our local, and awesome, Film Center of Altoona, PA. 

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