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Senior Stars: Jonah



Friends, I'd like to introduce you to one of my latest Senior Stars: Jonah! Jonah has been interested in history for as long as he can remember and is pretty excited to begin his journey to becoming a history professor after graduation. He has fun hobbies and really thoughtful ways of thinking about the world. He also gets to share this with his family, especially his dad who is also a history teacher! I am SO excited for his future. It can be hard for some graduating seniors to know exactly what they want to do or study after graduation, which makes learning about someone who knows where he is headed extra fun!


We started Jonah's session by hanging out together for a bit, eating some cake and chatting. Then, we headed to my in-home studio for some headshots for the yearbook. Jonah made this easy! We were done in a snap! Because this was in the summer when our temperatures were around 100 degrees, we did his outdoor photos on another day. 

Hobbies & Favorites:

Jonah's hobbies include playing the drums, playing video games, learning new historical facts, building famous buildings/skylines with LEGOs, etc.  Jonah has always liked video games and some of his favorites are Spider-Man 2, Madden 08, Need for Speed Underground, and Metal Gear Solid 3. Jonah also enjoys building with LEGOs because they are a very nice and fun way to relax. 

(Our family feels the same way!)

Being a drummer in the band has been a hobby he can enjoy with others. As Jonah looks back on his high school career, he really remembers his first high school football game two years ago. He said, "I enjoyed playing with all of the other drummers and it felt weird that I would be the only returner bass drummer next year." Now, he is still a drummer in the band and having a great year. Jonah even said that summer is his favorite season, partially because the marching band starts in August. (He was also born in August and likes the warm weather.)

For the love of History:

"I have loved history for a majority of my life, I got more interested in history when I started learning about Rome, World War I, and the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. Those events partially influenced me into wanting to be a history professor." Jonah's favorite reads are often influenced by history.  He said, "The Killer Angels is a great book, I think the Civil War is a very interesting era which saw a lot of interesting generals and commanders come to prominence to influence the country." He likes other books too. In fact, he says, "The Godfather is another favorite book of mine since it also has a very intriguing story, characters, and shows how good people turn bad for their family."

Soundtrack to Your Life:

I asked Jonah what songs he would include in the soundtrack for the movie on his life? He said that the soundtrack would have to include Hip to be Square by Huey Lewis and the News because it is his favorite song made by his favorite band. Another song that would have to be included would be Land of Confusion by Genesis. Jonah said, "It is a really good song and is accurate to everyone's life in some way."  

On the Future:

Jonah's Future:

I love asking teenagers about their views on the world and the future. When I asked Jonah what kind job he can see himself in, he was so clear about it.  "I would like to be a history professor, I want to do that because I love history and teaching people, but I do not want to teach at a high school." He is even aware of all of the education he needs to reach that goal. " I will have to go to three colleges/universities to get my doctorate."

Contributing to the World:

I also like to ask about the deeper stuff when I ask these questions. I asked Jonah what he hopes to accomplish in this world or contribute to it. Jonah said he wants to "try to make the world a better place through little acts of kindness." He also wants to "spread knowledge and hopefully decrease ignorance in some way when I go onto my future career."  

Future Concerns:

I asked Jonah if he had any ideas or concerns for what the future holds. He said that on one level, he has some concern about finding a job when he is finished with school, but on a more macro level, he has concern "about what might happen with the environment in the near and distant future."

On a Lighter Note:

I tried a new, fun question this time. (Someone asked this of me the other week and I enjoyed our fun conversation, so I added it to this interview!) I asked Jonah if he were an animal, what animal would you be and why? Jonah said that "I would either a puma or, as a joke, an emu. I would like to be a puma because they are cool and Puma is my favorite brand, also because I think pumas look cool. I would want to be an emu because as far as I am concerned they are the only animal to "win" a war against people."

This is a fun way to get to know someone!

Deep in Thought:

I think teenagers are quite deep, more so than we often expect. They are at such a pivotal point in their lives that it's quite natural to ponder big questions. Jonah said that personally, he is often self-conscious of his social tone, and said that he is "always trying to be to be conscious about how I sound to others."

I asked Jonah where he finds hope and he said that he gets a sense of hope when he listens to some of his favorite songs. Watching a favorite show also helps him when he feels down. 

On the other hand, he said that he also feels most alive when he is helping others, playing a halftime show, or playing in the stands. He also said, "I also used to feel alive when I played baseball and basketball."

Jonah, I know that all of these readers, along with myself, are wishing you a really great senior year and a lifetime of happiness!

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