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Meet Jillian! 

Jillian is my latest high school Senior Star! She is passionate about her hobbies, which include dance, golf, sewing,  and baking. I asked Jillian about a memorable experience from one of those favorite hobbies. Jillian chose dance and said that the first time she  performed a competition solo, she found a new confidence in herself and even a new appreciation for the expression of emotion through dance. You'll love the images of her dancing in a creek!

Jillian is beginning her college search right now and weighing so many options! I can't wait for you to hear how thoughtful and creative Jillian is. Read on for more (and to see her gorgeous graduation portraits)!

What She Likes:

Jillian loves music because it is so intertwined with her love of dance and because it can stir so many emotions. Her favorite artist right now is Ariana Grande, because she has a powerful voice and to me she is an example of an accomplished, independent young woman.

I love hearing about Senior Stars' favorite books. Jillian's is The Great Gatsby because she "enjoyed learning about that time period and really felt the book was full of compelling symbolism, particularly about valuing things over people." Another favorite book Jillian's is To Kill a Mockingbird because " liked that even though Scout was young, she was still portrayed as a thoughtful, kind, and in the end powerful voice for justice."

Jillian is on the golf team at her school!

Life Lessons:

I wondered about something really interesting that Jillian has learned in her life that she often find herself thinking about. She said,

"I have lived my entire life in a multi-generational house hold. This has taught me to respect and appreciate the wisdom and support of my elders. Just as it is important to listen to young people, the older generation has lots to teach us too."

These photos in her cap and gown were part of our indoor studio session.

What's Next?

I asked Jillian about what she is thinking for her post-graduate plans. Here's what she had to say, "Although I have yet to make a final decision I have looked at IUP and the Altoona campus of Penn State. I am also interested in looking at UPJ. Right now IUP is my top pick as they have academics that interest me as well as a possibility of being a part of their dance team. I am hoping to study something in the business arena. I ended up there because everytime I think think about something that interests me, I think about what it would he like to have a business. For example, if I went into culinary arts, what would I be like to own a restaurant? One think I would like to accomplish with a business degree might be to encourage females to pursue higher positions in business."

Go, Jillian! I know you will be great, no matter what your path!

This cap and gown photo was part of her outdoor session.

On the Future:

I like to ask my senior stars about their thoughts on the future because they are the future! Jillian said that one of her concerns for the future is the environment. "We all have to share this planet and I believe we are each responsible for leaving it a little better than what it is presently."

The image below is one of our favorite images from our entire set. Jillian's mom said that this photo captures so much more of the depth of who Jillian is. She said, "I must tell you...I love all the pictures, but this one has me totally in AWE...this photo literally is Jillian...if it could talk, it would! To me those eyes look directly into her soul. It portrays her cautious, deep thinking self, her willingness to trust you with a tentative but genuine smile AFTER is has been earned."

The Dancer:

Now for our dancing series! Below I'm sharing photos from our indoor session as well as our outdoor session. Jillian used Senior Session 3 for her portraits and we split it into two pieces to do some studio portraits and some fun outdoor portraits. We pulled out the old, used, pointe shoes and did fun dance poses in a creek, on a rocked, and even in studio. Jillian was pretty excited about the final one where she splashes creek water into the light to her side. This experience was so beautiful and so much fun!  Check them out below!

What am I about?

My business is about providing art opportunities in the Altoona community as well as portraiture photography work. As a creative person, I like to dabble in other areas that allow me to bear witness to others' lives and explore what brings us all together. Though If you would like to follow along, you can check out my last blog article or join my newsletter!

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