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Kid Friendly Coordinating


This has always been one of my favorite session memories. Its a session from 2017 but I realized I had never shared it on the blog! It's such a good one because it's an excellent example of how you can coordinate clothing for children and have everyone still have some individuality within the group. Its also a good example of how to work with 4 children ages 4 and under!


We took time to do lots of fun laughing group shots and then got the kids together in different groups that help to display their relationships and their ages together. These were fun!


We took time next to take individual portraits of each child. We got lots of great expression from these little ones for this! 

Their mama and I texted back and forth with photos a few times to work out the details and I even did a home visit to help her lay all of the clothes out together. We layered florals, solids, and textures like sweaters or jeans together so each child had a unique look but coordinated the colors into a family of colors that went together really well. She did a beautiful job!0

Laughter is big when you have these four together! :)

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