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A Muted Color Engagement Session



These images have always been some of my favorites. I realized I had never blogged about this session and thought it was such a good one to share - both because the couple is comfortable and in love with each other and because the locations we chose just amplified what was already there. It's also special because the groom-to-be in these images is my brother! They're now married and have a baby girl and we love them so much!

The Bridge:

This is a favorite local spot and is beautiful because of the rustic look as well as the interesting architecture of the bridge. I typically reserve this for couples or for families with older children as the large openings are a big risk for little ones. However, it has so much beauty and character that I love a chance to use it! 

Bridge Portraits:

We did a few portraits here and then went under an overpass for a train. Read on to see those!

Dreamy Love:

This part was fun. We were all warmed up and running around. There is a slight motion blur happening in a few of these, which is rare for me to choose to keep in my work, but I think it helps the viewer notice the laughter and love. The portraits seem intimate because of this. These are my favorites and also the couple's favorites!

This is why they work so well in a muted color scheme and in black and white. It helps solidify those emotional aspects that fill the frames!

Perfect Rain:

We had time to do a few portraits here before it began to rain, so we scrambled for the car and drove to another spot, waiting out the rain. It worked out really well. The rain stopped while we drove and gave us a beautiful shine on the road. Read on to see what I mean!

Rain, Rain, Come Our Way!

These last portraits were planned to be the Thank You note photos for after their wedding, which is why they had the mugs at the ready! Can you see that lovely shiny road behind them? This was perfect because we were on a dusty abandoned road. The rain made it look like a modern road and gave beautiful light reflections around them. Love these!

This session was so special for me to be a part of in 2016 and I love them in a new way as I look back on their beginning. Since then, I've gotten to photograph their maternity session and their newborn baby session too! It's lovely to look back on how much has happened in less than three years! 

Friends, I hope your life is full of love and laughter and honesty and that you have a good friend or friends that you get to do life with. 

Wishing you the best of everything,


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