Chimney Rocks: A Local Autumn Treasure


Beautiful tall rocks, a lower rock wall, tree-lined gravel paths, and beautiful winter weeds- what's not to love at this local treasure of a location for Autumn family portraits!  In this post, I'm showing you four different families that I've photographed at this location- including my own! We use different parts of the park and different times of day for each grouping, which can give you a different feeling for each of those. If you're interested in getting family, graduation or engagement portraits here with me, contact me here!

On the Rocks:

We used the rocks as our background for these family portraits and had the family sit on the rock wall. I brought my own lights and this was in the evening on sort of a wet fall day. The family's colors coordinated beautifully for the fall and to give a pop of color to the neutral colored rocks. It was a lovely set!

Tree-Lined Path:

For this family with a new baby, we did the session earlier in the evening, which meant the sun was a little bit higher. We hugged the tree-lined gravel path to block that sun and I controlled the light by bringing my own lights. We got great early-fall colored leaves around them and the rocks were in the background. This was also a beautiful set!

Out in the Open:

For this session, the sun was going down fast! I decided to have this session out in the middle of the open area to maximize our available sunlight. Of course, I also brought lights to this session too! You can see lots more with an overall green grass feel but the rocks are also in the background for some of these shots.

Our own Family:

For this last example, I am showing portraits of my own family. These were done in the early evening or late afternoon in mid-October. It was still sunny and we used the tree-lined gravel path with the rocks behind us. 

Let me know if you are interested in using this lovely space for fall portraits! Contact me here! As color in the trees fade, this location is great to get some color behind subjects because of the sun lighting up the rocks!

What am I about?

My business is about providing art opportunities in the Altoona community as well as portraiture photography work. As a creative person, I like to dabble in other areas that allow me to bear witness to others' lives and explore what brings us all together. Though If you would like to follow along, you can check out my last blog article or join my newsletter!

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