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Train-Infused Session


Train Park:

This little train-themed green-space park is such a treasure for Tyrone, even though it's changed so much since this session in 2015. I didn't have a blog in 2015, but I'm revisiting old favorite locations this week while I work and write at home. The park is close to the downtown area and is also really close to a small creek and overpass for a train. There are so many neat visuals happening in this space that it is always one of my favorite locations.

These children have grown so much since this session and as I'm putting together this "From the Archives" series it's such a joy to go back and see these tiny smiling faces. 

No More Walkway:

This walkway was badly crumbling in 2015. They closed it up about a year later and currently don't have funding to re-build. So, though it's locked right now, that could change in the future depending on the residents of Tyrone. 

Ready at the Station:

The kids had fun watching real trains pass by as they sat on my old-fashioned luggage props. They get excited about trains because their maternal grandfather LOVES trains. They even called him "Pappy Choo-Choo" when they were about this age! We caught pretty serious faces and really reflective faces from these children as they waited for trains to pass by. I love remembering this session and this stage of life for their family. 

Big Smiles:

This little girl is so smart and sweet. I haven't seen her in a while but so much about her is her character, which doesn't leave us. I am sure she is making everyone proud with her achievements. She gave me beaming smiles on this day, years ago, as the train rumbled past the station.

Show Twirler Through and Through:

Can't you just tell that this lovely little girl is a show twirler? She has such excellent posture and arm motion that it shines through her every move. Now, she is a competitive twirler and wins lots of awards for her skills! I know her family is SO proud of her! :)

Old New Favorite:

This photo has gotten a bit lost over the years, but since I rediscovered it, it is probably one of my favorites ever. There is a lovely tenderness here that speaks volumes about this momma's love for her children. Now he is quite a big boy and probably headed for kindergarten next year! 

This photo was taken near the trains that were fixed up by an Eagle Scout years ago. The railcars need a little love and care to clean them up again, but they are quite a whimsical element of the park.

There is a mix of beauty and pain in revisiting our former selves. We are reminded of where we were, where we've been since then, and how we've changed and our environment has changed. I thought about this while on vacation last week at the same spot we go to year after year. I can measure where I was mentally, spiritually or what was happening in my life during different years because I'm walking the same physical streets that haven't changed much. I know, for example, that I'm not under the same stress this year. For this fact, I am so thankful. Some broken parts of me are not yet healed, but I'm aware of them and caring for the pieces for now.

Wishing you all healing as you care for your own pieces,



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