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Sisters in the City


Historic Downtown Session:

I love the whimsical feeling and the color in this session! These sisters were non-stop laughter as we chose fun shops or that lovely purple door as our backdrops. We spent the afternoon in downtown Hollidaysburg and had gorgeous golden light paired with my portable lights that gave us clarity and that stop-motion look. 

Naturally Fun:

We had fun because the activities I suggested led to things that were just specific to them as sisters. They turned a look and smile into a clapping game and were just so natural in front of the camera! I didn't have to work very much to get smiles and fun faces out of these kiddos!

Individual Portraits:

After doing a series of portraits of them together, I did individual portraits of each sister. The funny faces kept on rolling. Sometimes photographers throw those out but no way - not here! These were full of life and truth. 

Sister Joy:

I never had a sister, but they certainly made it look like a blast! I am sure they have their tougher moments on getting along as well, as all siblings do, but I can't think of a better stage of growth to capture than the joy and love that they share at this moment. This was a session from 2017 and I'm sure they've grown so much since then, but I will always look back upon this session as one of my most fun ever!

Wishing all of you joy like this today!


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My business is about providing art opportunities in the Altoona community as well as portraiture photography work. As a creative person, I like to dabble in other areas that allow me to bear witness to others' lives and explore what brings us all together. Though If you would like to follow along, you can check out my last blog article or join my newsletter!

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