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Why Art Education:

Art Education is so important to me! Artmaking has always been one of my strongest languages of communication and built into all of my lessons is the idea of art as a tool to communicate.

One of my favorite authors, Richard Rhor, quoted Catherine LaCugna (1952–1997) in one of his emails. He used this final simple sentence of her book God for Us:

The very nature of God, therefore, is to seek out the deepest possible communion and friendship with every last creature on this earth.

Art enables deep connections, communication, and friendship and so much more. As an artist, my relationship with my own Creator deepens. I love to share art and all that it can teach us with others!

Partners, Classes, Details:

My business partners with other groups and charitable organizations to offer art camps to youth in our Blair County area. I work with Hollidaysburgh Council of the Arts and The Bellwood-Antis Public Library annually.  Together, we offer art-camp style experiences that are theme-based and last a week. My camps are typically in the age ranges of 6-8, 9-11, 8-12, or 10-14.

I love to share art and all that it can teach us with others! If you'd like to partner to plan an art class with me, you can check out my past class curriculum samples through the blog stories I've linked below. I've offered camps on the themes "Art Around the World", "The Write Stuff"(Artmaking while learning cursive writing), as well as "I Made It All" (Children explore how things are made and participate in creating items at all stages of production.) I've offered fun camps with themes like "I Love Summer!" too.

Free Camps:

In the past, Jessica Ford Cameron, who is a co-director at the Bellwood-Antis Public Library, and I have teamed up to conceptualize classes that would benefit the Bellwood-Antis community. We have been able to get grant funding for a few years now to make classes totally free to students for both Zen Art and for The Write Stuff Art camps. All supplies are also paid for with grant funding. I just love making this available to young people in our community! I know we have a few more ideas for the future and I can't wait to get started on them!

Art Camp Blogs

More class info/stories are coming soon!

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