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I'm a photographer, an artist and an educator from a pretty small town. I love history, the earth, podcasts, my husband & two sons, a hot cup of tea and comfy clothes. 

I have two sons and one of their favorite songs is Seasons of Love from the Rent Cast Recording. They love to sing the number, Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes"...but I love the question that the song asks. How do we measure our lives?  In daylights, in sunsets In midnights, in cups of coffee In inches, in miles In laughter, in strife. 

I think of that when I think of why I do what I do. I think of this as a tool to help us measure where we've come from, how much we've grown, and the dreams we have deep in our hearts.

I remember how I held my breath walking towards my almost-husband, arm linked with my father's on my wedding day. I think of the first time I held my newborn son and felt afraid of everything. I think of the last days we had with my grandmother. I hear the giggles that come so hard and fast with my four-year old youngest son and know that I never want to forget them. This is where my passion comes from. I know I need help holding on to the tender moments of this journey on earth and I'd love to help you hold on too.


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B.S. in Art Education from The Pennsylvania State University 2005

B.A. in Art with a focus on Photography from The Pennsylvania State University 2005

M.A. in Art Education from The Ohio State University 2010


Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Clearance

Because of my teaching background, I am really comfortable working with large groups of people, giving gentle direction to children, and meeting the needs of others. 

For peace of mind that your real moments will be captured perfectly for you to treasure for  lifetime, click here.  

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