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How exciting is it to hear how people began their lives together?  Share your story here!

  • photographicmemoriespa

    on October 24, 2016

    Jess Rogers wrote:
    My name is Jess and my fiance's name is Ethan. Our proposal day began on 10/11/16, so not to long ago, in the town of Bar Harbor, Maine a town full of Downeast charm and home to Acadia National Park. The day was filled with surprises that Ethan had planned. That morning Ethan took me on carriage ride pulled by Shire horses around the town to learn the history of the area, it was extremely interesting to learn how the area grew into the tourism attraction it is today by the women called Rusticators. We then continued into Acadia National Park to go to the Jordan's Pond House which overlooks what is called the Bubbles. We sipped on blue berry lemon aide and enjoyed the tradition of popovers before continuing onto a scenic flight from Bar Harbor to mother's home town of Winter Harbor. I was awe struck to view the scenery and fall foliage of one of my favorite places in the world. The pilot even let me fly the plane! Ethan had truly out done himself on what I believed to be date day on a family vacation. After the flight we returned back to Winter Harbor where we were staying with my family. We went to an area called Grind Stone within the town, home of one of the light houses, to take some pictures of the setting sun over Cadillac Mountain. We sat on the rocky coast for an hour enjoying the warmth of the sun on the granite stones. When venturing over the rocks to return the car, Ethan pointed out what appeared to be a bottle battered by the wrath of the seas. I was extremely excited believing it to be Robinson Crusoe or Cast Away situation. I opened the stopper on the bottle and began reading the note. I suddenly realized it was not a note from a stranded survivor but a love letter describing our relationship from Ethan. When I looked up from the letter I found him to be on one knee. Upon being asked, 'Would I join him on adventure of a life, will you be my wife?', I quickly said yes and requested his trusted handkerchief he always carried as a true gentlemen does. To say the least, he impressed me with the thought and creativity he put into his proposal.

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