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What are client experiences like?

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What are photo sessions with Annie like?

I believe for our photographed moments to be rich and meaningful (which they should be), they shouldn't be posed and forced. I place my clients in spots and give them actions to do or ways to interact with each other so that moments that are recorded show real tenderness and emotion - a real part of your journey.

I don’t want my work to be full of trendy imagery that we will all laugh at in a decade or two. My job isn’t to make your children look like models, but for you to remember your children forever the way they really are. I don’t make elaborate sets for my photos; rather, my work is about memories and moments, not a bunch of stuff. I believe that there is true beauty and adventure to be found everywhere. So, what makes your family unique? Think of something that is meaningful for you. Book me to come along on a fishing trip. Call me to join you on a picnic. Let me record the joy (or stress) of baking cookies together. I work to capture lovely moments of laughter and adventure that will be treasured by generations to follow.

Because of my teaching background, I am really comfortable working with large groups of people, giving gentle direction to children, and meeting the needs of others. 

The Booking and Photography Process:

Follow each link above for sitting fees and what is included with each session. Once you have an idea, email Annie to explain who you'd like to photograph and generally when you'd like that to happen. Annie will respond with follow-up questions  to determine date and time and then we'll choose a location.  One-third of the total cost of services is due to reserve your photo session.

Annie will equip you and your family with information on how to look your best and coordinate clothing for your photos. The remainder of the cost of your services is due at the start of your session. Photographic Memories uses Square for billing and can receive credit card payments through that system for seamless payment ahead of time.  We'll also sign an agreement and photo permission document to be sure everyone is  on the same page. Cancellation policies are shared over email for your convenience and clarity.

We'll meet at the session location and have a great time! About two days after your session, you'll receive a photo preview of a few edited images from your session. Within two weeks, you'll receive the rest of your edited images. Your images are all viewable and sharable via a web link to an online gallery. Images can be cropped but no further edits are allowed. That gallery is connected to a professional print lab and you can order items from the gallery that are shipped right to your home. You can use the Print Catalog link above to check out what printed items are available.

For peace of mind that your real moments will be captured perfectly for you to treasure for  lifetime, click here.  

Special Needs:

Experiences as an art teacher gave me opportunities to work with students of all ability levels. I feel comfortable with children of varying ability and attention levels and am very patient. I am especially willing to accommodate families that include individuals with special needs. We can adjust photo session length, location, and activities during the photo session to reflect the needs of your family and keep children engaged.  A wonderful way to allow for this is is a session that has "A Day In The Life" sort of feel rather than traditional posed photos. Please contact me for further specifics in this area.

I have also witnessed students with special needs struggle with a new environment on portrait day at school. There is often an attempt by aids and photographers to shout and get their attention and to look at the camera, but I believe that a quiet space and a whisper can accomplish much more and can give them a chance to shine with their own personality. 


Costs of travel are included with sessions within 50 miles. If sessions are further and flights are required, those costs would be added to the total price of a session.

Special Deals:

Beginning in April of 2022, Photographic Memories offers a Military Discount for those actively serving and a Teacher Discount. Both amazing professional groups receive a discount of $200 off of a Wedding booking and 10% off of all other sessions.

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