More Fun Facts!


I was formerly a public school art teacher.

I quit teaching in 2014 to pursue this work after doing freelance work occasionally since 2005 and have really loved the switch! I love the flexible hours, the ability to care for my family with that time, and the chance to meet lots of lovely people! 


I love to study my genealogy!

I've been working on tracing my family's genealogy and my husband's family's too as I work on a painting to depict it. The research is fun! I've learned that I have long-ago relatives with the last name Wickham for any of you Pride and Prejudice fans out there!


I am still an educator at heart!

I use my winter slow season to teach private art lessons to younger children. This year, we have been learning observational drawing skills. I bring in musicians to play for the children, give them the chance to ask questions, and then we make art projects based on our drawings. Its lots of fun!

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