Tips for the Perfect Engagement Session

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1.  Schedule the photos at a time of day that the light is beautiful.  

This means early in the morning or late at night.  The sun is being diffused by the atmosphere at these times of day and that softens the light and therefore the shadows that could appear on your faces, making you look your very best.  These times of day change throughout the year, so ask your photographer about those golden hours to plan your session!

2.  Spend time together the day of or day before your session.  

Have dinner together.  Do a favorite activity together.  Snuggle.  Your relationship being at its best will totally come through in your photos. Take time to be in love. 

3.  Plan your clothes in advance.

Down to the details like watches, earrings, jackets, scarves, etc., you will feel your very best if you've given this some thought.  If you're scheduling an engagement photo session with me, you'll receive a Style Guide to help you out with coordinating your clothes without matching too much to achieve the perfect balance of looking like you belong together without being twins!

Here is a basic breakdown of what you should consider for coordinating your clothes for your engagement session!

1. Coordinating Colors:

Consider how you might decorate your home. If you're into neutrals, then you would be wise to include some neutrals into your clothes. If you already know your wedding colors and plan to use the photos in your wedding print materials, bring a sweater or one small detail each that incorporates that color for a few photos, but don't plan it for every single photo. Rather than doing a complete outfit change, I recommend having just something simple that you can suddenly add or remove to give that wedding color pop!

2.  Looking Your Personal Best:

If you have a side of your face that you prefer or a detail about you that you'd rather not show, tell your photographer in advance! He or she will be sure to work around that. Its best to be up-front about those insecurities so you can be happy with the results!

Side-note tip 1: Men look so put-together in pants and close-toed shoes and when ladies wear heels and skirts, their posture and confidence show through every photo!

Side-note tip 2: Men and women benefit from some moisturizer a few days ahead; a clean shave if applicable and some make-up to smooth skin tones if applicable!

3.  Focal Points and Layers:

I recommend selecting a unique piece of jewelry that can be an interesting layer; a vest on top of a woven shirt; a scarf or sweater that can be an extra layer.  Layers help the snuggle factor and also provide texture in your photos that helps viewers actually feel closer to you because the image feels more real and personal.

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4.  Have a light meal or a snack before your photos.

I definitely recommend having something in your belly before photos. It just generally makes everyone happier! :)  However, keep it light so that your belly isn't too full or uncomfortable. You want to feel your best in every way!

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5.  Check in with your photographer!

Your photographer should be able to give you advice based on his or her experience, knowledge about the location, and is possibly even open to you texting photos of your clothes a few days before the session.  Communication helps you place your trust in the photographer and feel comfortable from the first moment of your session, which helps your you look your best in the photos too!

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