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Camping Out

These are our camping friends!  (How often does a blog post start like that?)  This family is so sweet and special.  They have two really sweet and smart kiddos that say, "Thank you" for everything.  My family loves their family and about once a year, we get to spend a weekend with them going camping. 

Many years ago, before any of us had children, we would go real camping.  We all had tents and our group was all connected from high school friendships that lasted through the years.  Then, we were the first of the bunch to have a baby and everyone else soon followed.  So, we decided we would still get together, but camp out in our friend's backyard because there were so many babies.  Now, those babies are old enough to go real camping.  So, we got a tent site at Shenandoah this past August.  Sweet Liz was about 38 weeks pregnant when she did a waterfall hike, impressing everyone along the trail who glanced sidelong at her making it up the mountain and thinking that she must do this all the time!  Liz loved it!  

I have a sinking feeling that their newest member will love to sleep in a tent under the stars. 

Sweet Baby

A Day Trip

As you might already know, I live in Tipton, PA.  But, for this newborn shoot, my husband drove me to Washington D.C. for a day.  Our kids were at their grandparents and the car was PACKED!  (Okay- there was no room for kids...)

For Brady and I, it was really like a 3 hour date with no interruptions from the back...with another 3 hour date afterwards.  Its funny what you think of being a date after you have children.

Then, we unloaded the equipment and started with family shots.  I always start with these because everyone's ready to go.  I have the attention of the kids with very little bribing (well - usually!) and we have fun.

Family Time

    Breakin' It Down

    After family group shots, I usually give the kids a break and do mom and dad with the baby.  Here are a few good ones.  What we don't hear on the blog are the Disney songs playing in the background or the candy requests - but they were there! :)

    Parent Time

    Sibling Love

    Kids often can't resist kissing a baby.  It was such a treasure to watch these two watch their baby brother, give him love, and try to comfort him.  

    Sibling Time

    Baby Details

    When we look back on our children as infants, there are some moments that we'll naturally always remember.  But, in the business of coming home and adjusting to being a parent (or doing it all over again) sometimes we forget the preciousness of baby details, like tiny fingernails that haven't been clipped before or the little peely skin bits, or the wrinkly skin.  I love it all and appreciate capturing it - because a week from this shoot, this baby looked totally different.  The speed with which a newborn grows is certainly mind-blowing.  It is always my pleasure to be part of the memory.

    Detail Photos

    The Real Life

    When all of the posed images are done, I get a chance to do my favorite part - capturing real-life moments.  The moment of a parent comforting or feeding a new baby in their home.  I love the tangible details of that.  Here are a few of my favorites.  



    Then, Brady and I quickly packed up our car to be home in time to get our kids to bed.  I had such a good time being able to help my friends remember this time in their lives.  Their little baby is growing and changing so fast and they were so glad to have these moments photographed to help them remember this time forever.  

    All the best to you, Liz and Grant!

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