Senior Stars: Kaitlyn



Meet Kaitlyn! She is a senior in high school this year and excited to enjoy the year and then begin her studies to become a surgical nurse. She is athletic, smart, and enjoys clothes shopping! Read on for more about Kaitlyn and check out her graduation portraits!

Hobbies, Interests:

Kaitlyn is involved in Student Council and National Honor Society at her school. She also enjoys playing softball. Kaitlyn loves movies and though she doesn't have favorites, she loves comedies with happy endings. She loves to shop and is hopes to earn the "Best-Dressed" award at her high school for the Senior Awards.


Kaitlyn plays softball and really enjoys the sport. She wanted to hint at this through her photos, even though she didn't plan on bringing her bat and glove to the session. So, we chose a location that had an old baseball field and some wire fencing. She wore one of her favorite flannel shirts for these portraits and it was getting pretty dark, so my Einstein light was perfect to add  key highlights to the scene. She looks intense and stunning in these and they are among some of my favorites and Kaitlyn's favorites too.

Kaitlyn has been playing softballs since she was very young. She started taking pitching lessons at 9 years old! She is the only leftie on most of her past teams. Kaitlyn  has played for her junior high and high school teams  since seventh grade and has played travel ball for the past six years. 

When Kaitlyn isn't pitching, she plays outfield. She doesn't plan to play after high school because she wants to focus on her nursing degree.

Over these years of playing her favorite game, she realized that she loved the sport because its allowed her to meet new people and have unique opportunities. She has learned to be patient. She has learned that things don't always go your way. She has even learned that when those moments arise, "you just gotta relax and be happy anyway."

School Plans:

Kaitlyn said, "I am looking at Mount Aloysius or UPJ. I am leaning towards The Mount, but my choices are still very open." Kaitlyn wants to study nursing. Specifically, she said,  "I want to become a surgical nurse. I always thought it was cool to now about the body and help people in ways they can't help themselves. I also want to work in the hospital setting."

Thoughts on the Future:

Kaitlyn is comfortable with the unknown component of the future. She said, "I don't necessarily have an exact plan for my future besides schooling because my future will fall out the way it was meant to be so I just pretty much go with the flow." I think there is much to be gained in this life philosophy. To not worry about the future and think of each path's potential problems far before they arrive must contribute to general wellness of the mind. 

I know that Kaitlyn will do well in whatever path she takes. She would make an excellent nurse and I have no doubt that she will be a successful and kind woman.

Congratulations on your Senior Year, Kaitlyn!

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