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I'm glad to introduce my new and kind friends, Dawn and Kahlil!  We recently met at the Nittany Wedding Show in State College when they were checking out vendors and getting ideas for their September 2017 wedding.   The photo above is my very favorite from their session!

Getting Acquainted:

Have you ever had the circumstance of meeting someone and although you don't spend much time with them in that moment, you get a sense of how much you connect and would like to know them more?  I definitely felt like that after meeting Dawn and Kahlil and also remember being very aware of how intelligent they both were, how thoughtful and calm they were with their wedding plans. I whispered to my husband after they walked away, "I so want to photograph them!!"

I was blessed to get a chance to spend more time with them on the day of their engagement session and to hear about how they met and got engaged.  They are such a lovely couple.  Here's a few photos of their session!

Fields of Rose Gold

Dawn and Kahlil's main wedding color is Rose Gold.  They chose to wear a simple, unifying color together to showcase the rose-gold accents in their clothes.  I was also able to tint the fields a bit to match their rose gold color and make them cozy in in rose-gold fields.  What a fun detail!  I also love the way they incorporated this. 

Engagement Plans:

You know how many people often plan details for their engagement only for it to unexpectedly rain - or sleet - just when they are supposed to pop the question - and there is so much panic about the other person not going along with the plan?  For example, my friend Adam was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Katie and took her to Baltimore.  He had a specific location in mind and Katie didn't like his plans for the day.  She kept trying to change them and didn't know why her rescheduling ideas were rejected with a look of panic in his eyes!  My friend James wanted his girlfriend to go to the front of the Gateway Clipper Ship in Pittsburgh but it was sleeting and she was refusing to go outside (understandably!) The captain of the ship was involved in the timeline too and James was trying to make it all happen the way he envisioned.  Both of those couples had successfully gotten engaged and married, but what exquisite stress in the waiting and deciding what to do about those plans!

Kahlil's Advice:

Kahlil took Dawn to Niagara Falls.  This was perfect timing because they had been talking about getting away for a weekend together for awhile.  He was pretty relaxed about the whole thing.  He didn't have any specific plans - no plans to ask while on the Maid of the Mist and in rain gear, etc.  It was also perfect that Dawn was not at all suspecting this weekend to be their engagement weekend!  He just waited until it felt right. He said, "You just quickly ask a friendly person who is nearby to film it on your phone and then go for it."  I just love that advice.  

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center:

We were so fortunate to have this beautiful location on a cold winter day.   Its called the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center and is in State College, PA.  I really enjoy this center.  There are nature walks, lovely views, wildlife to be seen (though I've been there with my three year old who is typically loud enough to frighten away any wildlife!) and is connected to the Centre Region bike path.  There were families coming and going for activities even on a cold wintery day.  Plus - the winter plants with their berries and pods provide such a romantic scene.  If you're nearby, I highly recommend checking out this local treasure!

Better Together:

This engagement session was fun and considering how cold it was for them- I think the photos look pretty cozy!  I loved getting to know Dawn and Kahlil a bit and wish them all the best in their future together!  I know it will hold much love, laughter and so many memories. :)

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